Residential Window Film in Highland Park: Embracing ‘Gentrification’

The houses are turning over and whether one thinks it’s good or bad, it’s a nice time to know about residential window film in Highland Park. This hills-nestled neighborhood within the City of Los Angeles surpasses 60,000 residents and in most states would be considered a pretty big city. Yet Highland Park retains its own sense of identity, one part of L.A., yet separate from the largeness (and glitter) of it all. The median age rests at a young 28, indicating there are quite a few babies in Highland Park – and young families – to balance all the old-timers who could tip the scales.

Run with Renovations in Highland Park – with Residential Window Film

Renovation of deteriorated urban neighborhoods can be a good thing leading to significant increases in property values, and if it’s going to happen, homeowners might as well invest in residential window film in Highland Park or nearby areas like Glassell Park. These films protect what’s inside from sun-caused damages, and this could include hardwood floors or the old wood in door and window frames – items attached to the structure and not moveable like sofas or tables. If parts of the structure gets damaged it means money for repairs, often significant. Residential window film helps prevent damage and preserve older homes.

Pros of ‘Kinder, Gentler’ Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Remember President George H. W. Bush’s “Kinder, Gentler Nation” speech? Well that’s what the word “gentrification” comes from, being gentler or more “gentlemanly,” which is what some in Highland Park, Glassell Park, Montecito Heights or other older L.A. neighborhoods may dislike. However the process of revitalizing older neighborhoods dates back to ancient Rome and often brings highly desirable results like less crime, economic vitality and higher property values. A one-time investment into residential window film in Highland Park could tack on significant dollars to property sales prices down the road, and save a lot of money in between now and a closed home sale.

Home Protection for ‘LA’s Greatest Neighborhood’

Not that long ago the alternative LA Weekly newspaper called Highland Park “LA’s Greatest Neighborhood,” indicating that all the changes of recent years were for the good. Many older homes in Highland Park particularly the Craftsman-styled structures are highly desirable by future home buyers and it’s wise to preserve and otherwise improve these structures. Residential window film in Highland Park not only preserves, but saves a lot of money in electricity bills in the process by keeping interiors cooler and air conditioning systems off. Modern residential window films reject up to 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and most of the warming infrared rays (IR rays).

Residential Window Film in Highland Park a Good Investment

Residential window film in Highland Park and nearby locales is a good investment for a number of reasons, among them cost savings and boosting values of home properties. There also are commercial window film options for Highland Park businesses, films that keep interiors cool all the time making customers and employees alike more happy and productive. But inside a home, residential window film protects nice elements such as hardwood flooring and overall preserves values in properties. Contact us today for more information about residential window film for Highland Park or other Los Angeles region homes. We do residential and commercial window tinting and graphics for all of Southern California, from Oxnard to all of San Diego County and as east as Palm Springs.

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