Residential Window Film in Cypress – the Former ‘Waterville’

“Also consider what residential window film can do for the aesthetic appearance of a home or business property in Cypress.”

Homeowners there wishing to separate their property from suburban sameness should consider residential window film in Cypress and surrounding environs. This suburban city of about 50,000 in the northern part of Orange County began with a heavy involvement of the dairy industry but has developed into an area mixed with residential and commercial properties. With the sun shining for a majority of days in the year, owners of properties in Cypress or nearby communities like La Palma or Stanton need to know about long-term damages from sun exposure – and what they can do about it.

Bolster Energy Efficiency on Your Cypress Home

This classic post-war suburban community features plenty of homes built long ago and not always designed for energy efficiency. Without good weatherproofing they can tend to leak cool air making it an ongoing battle to keep them cool and comfy inside. More troublesome may be the number and size of windows as these portals for the sun let ultraviolet (UV) and infra-red (IR) light warm the square footages of space inside. A quality window film by makers such as Huper Optik provides significant UV and IR rejection rates and keep your home’s interior cooler consistently.

Save Piles of Money with Residential Window Film in Cypress

Not to be overlooked for residential window film in Cypress is the savings on electricity bills, as air conditioning systems are needed less often if windows are properly protected with film. Whether or not you go with a tint shade on the film, modern quality window films carry technological advances that reject solar energy to levels unprecedented even a few years ago. Think up to 99.9 percent rejection of UV rays, which are known to cause skin cancer, and you get an idea. Tack on significant IR rejection rates plus glare reduction and solar energy rejection and the benefits of residential window film add up.

Differentiate Your Home with Quality Window Film Applications

Also consider what residential window film can do for the aesthetic appearance of a home or business property in Cypress. All that glass facing the street is not doing much to contribute to the curb appeal of the property. Add a touch of charcoal tint shading, or even a decorative frost, and slow cars down as they pass because drivers wonder why the structure looks different than the rest of the neighborhood. It’s differentiation in an area – the window portals – that others skipped. Sell it upon re-sale time to potential buyers by letting them know not only does it look good, it feels good inside because it’s much cooler.

Cool the Sun and Boost Privacy with Residential Window Film

Improving a home in Cypress can involve many things, such as better front yard landscaping, an exterior paint job, maybe even a new roof. But little provides such a long-term return on investment than a simple one-time application of window film in Cypress or nearby locales such as Lakewood. The community was originally called “Waterville” because of all the artesian wells in the area, but later turned into Dairy City and finally Cypress after all the farmers left. The name comes from cypress trees near a school to protect from seasonal Santa Ana winds. Today, other additions are available to address environmental factors – including residential window film to cool the sun and add privacy.


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