Residential Window Film in Lake Sherwood: A Value Proposition


“It’s estimated that residential window film will lower the heat entering a home through the windows – by up to 84 percent!”

Never considered residential window film in Lake Sherwood or other neighborhoods in the Thousand Oaks area? Lake Sherwood boasts some of the most stunning homes in the region. You could call some of them mansions; others might even draw the term “castle.” These luxury custom homes built around the Lake Sherwood reservoir have many eye-catching features, among them huge windows, and lots of them. Consider the setting among the Santa Monica Mountains and set apart from the cities of Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village by rolling hills. With all those windows, why not residential window film?

Lake Sherwood properties are not cheap; for a glimpse click here. It’s wise to try to improve and protect that investment. Let’s list a few reasons for residential window film for Lake Sherwood homes:

The Privacy Factor with Residential Window Film

Only a bit more than 1,500 people live in the Lake Sherwood neighborhood – and nearly all of them probably appreciate their privacy. The gates at access points provide plenty, but even those are not completely fool-proof. The nearby Sherwood Country Club hosts big events and its members are in and out all the time. Plus there’s no true fencing around the entire community meaning anyone really could sneak in. Add residential window tint on Lake Sherwood homes and no matter what you block others views from the outside-in. This is a helpful deterrent to would-be burglars who will turn elsewhere if they can’t know what’s inside.

Window tint films can be ordered in a myriad of tint shades, colors and even designs with decorative window films. If the film is not clear, then no matter what it offers some level of visual blockage.

Differentiate Your Home with Decorative Window Film

Sure homes in the 91361 Zip Code are custom, and few look exactly alike. But during sales time if it comes between your home and one of similar size with competing features, why not add residential window film to the list? Window tints can add style to a structure’s front façade; and also save a considerable amount of money. What better selling point than telling a potential buyer he or she will save thousands of dollars each year in electricity bills by not having to cool all that square footage. Because quality window films reject solar energy and damaging sun rays like ultraviolet rays (UV rays).

It’s estimated that residential window film will lower the heat entering a home through the windows – by up to 84 percent!

Residential Window Films Protect the Investment

Regarding re-sale home value, imagine if you get to a point where you want to sell, then notice … a faded swath on that hardwood floor. Or, a doorjamb so dried out it needs replacing. What if would-be buyers are walking through and notice something you did not? Ultraviolet rays and infra-red rays (IR rays) can be very damaging especially with long-term, unprotected exposure. Residential window films, even if not darkly shaded, reject more than 99 percent of UV rays, a big chunk of IR rays and offer solid amounts of solar energy rejection.

Gain Peace of Mind with Residential Window Films

The aforementioned UV rays are known to cause skin cancer. As with sitting in a car, people don’t realize how often they are exposed to the sun’s power. Over time this solar power can be extremely harmful to humans, and damaging to property such as carpets, drapes and furniture. Why take a chance with unprotected windows – especially in a high-quality, high-value neighborhood like Lake Sherwood?

Heat Reduction

Keep your natural view looking out while reducing heat

Heat Rejection

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Heat Reduction

Lower your monthly energy bill with window film

UV Protection

Protect your floors from fading/discoloring with window film