Residential Window Film In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a population of 3,975,322 it is easily the most popular city in southern California. Los Angeles is know for its warm climate and ethnic diversity. Los Angeles is a very desirable place to live, residents need to be aware of the effects of ultra violet rays will have on their homes. At Window Tint LA we provide protection against those pesky ultra violet rays. All of the films we carry are the highest performing on the market to date and block 99.9% of uv rays.

Energy Efficiency- Unwanted heat can make its way though your windows causing temperatures inside your home to rise in turn you run your air cooling systems much more; resulting in expensive energy bills. Blinds and draperies can help block the sun but they also absorb heat making it much warmer inside. The most efficient and eco-friendly way to combat this issue is to simply have a window film applied to your glass.

Harmful Dangers- Ultra violet rays are well know to damage and harm your skin. Many are unaware that uv rays can fade/discolor your furniture, floors, art work, pictures and fabrics inside your home as well. Adding professionally installed window film will help protect both your skin and all your valuables.

Security-Southern California is well known for its earthquakes. Earthquakes of any magnitude can damage your home. Damage to your foundation is one of the most common damages earthquakes can cause, windows being a close second. Security film absorbs the shock of damage caused to glass and helps to keep the glass in place to reduce glass shatter.

Privacy Protection- With Los Angeles being a very touristy place, residents know the importance of privacy. Parts of Los Angeles can be very populated and you can be with in close proximity to your neighbors; allowing them the access to see inside your home. Privacy film allows you to keep your natural view from the inside but from the outside it will give a reflective look. If you want total privacy day and night then frosted film would be your go to-it allows 89-90% of natural light to shine in but will block visibility out. Since it has a etched glass look it really adds pizzaz to your windows aesthetic.

Life Time Warranty- Here at Window Tint LA we offer life time residential warranties. We are open 7 days a week and we offer completely free consultations. We service from Oxnard all the way to San Diego so we are always in your area. Give us a call you won’t be disappointed!