Residential Window Film in Village Green, a Historic L.A. Neighborhood

“Since a thrust of the historic designation is preservation, engaging residential window film in The Village Green makes perfect sense.”

Making the argument for residential window film in The Village Green, a designated National Historic Landmark near the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles, means tapping into residents’ respect for the annals of the community. The 629-unit development on 68 acres of prime land was built in 1941 and renamed when converted to condominiums in the early 1970s. The structures are not terribly old, but could use some preservation help inside as the years (and sunshine) press on. The sun’s powerful rays cause significant damage to hardwood floors, carpet, draperies and other items inside and should be addressed if possible. Enter residential window film for The Village Green homes.

Listing Benefits for Village Green Residential Window Film

Residential window film in The Village Green is not a permanent fixture, requiring no construction activity nor altering parts of structures. It’s simply attaching a vinyl or ceramic-based film to glass to provide benefits for those living inside as well as property owners. Residential window film provides many benefits, from rejecting the power of the Southern California sun to reducing interior heat, glare and harmful sun rays. Benefits of residential window film in Village Green include:

  • Heat reduction. Quality window film like those produced by Huper Optik can dramatically reduce heat inside your unit.
  • Savings. Residential window film immediately lowers electricity bills. With their sun ray-rejecting power, window film helps keep air conditioning units off more often.
  • Health protection. Quality window films reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer in humans, plus a good portion of heating infra-red rays (IR rays).
  • Safety. Residential window films increase safety and durability of windows, by reinforcing the glass and avoiding shattering.

The Sun’s Power Beyond Human Impacts

More than persons inside your Village Green home are impacted by the sun’s rays. These invisible but powerful rays also can damage or bleach hardwood floors, and fade carpets and rugs; bleach out or discolor upholstery and decorations; fade or even ruin photos, documents and artwork; and dry out or fully ruin window dressings or treatments like blinds and curtains. Going with residential window tint in Village Green, or nearby communities like Baldwin Hills, is an investment toward the future, for keeping these buildings and their insides as they are now for many years to come. The preservation angle is a strong one to make if you have to pitch a case before The Village Green Owners Association.[LINK]

Minimal Visual Impact Possible with Clear Window Film

Residential window film actually can be invisible. There are clear window films available that have no tint shade yet still provide plenty of protective punch and heat-rejecting qualities. For the more bold in The Village Green there are almost innumerable tint shades to choose from, each letting in a certain percentage of light. For instance, a 30 percent shade lets in that amount of light; a “limo tint” of 5 percent stops about 95 percent of light from penetrating into the interior. Really dark tint shades are probably not best for The Village Green; they could attract the ire of the owners association.

Protect Your Investment with Residential Window Film

Because The Village Green is a condo association and registered national historic landmark there are rules and policies governing the units. However, since a thrust of the historic designation is preservation, engaging residential window film in The Village Green makes perfect sense. Why let the Los Angeles sun chip away at the value of the properties inside? Protect your investment with a high-quality film, like those provided by Huper Optik or LLumar, and expertly installed by experienced technicians like the ones we provide.

Heat Rejection

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Heat Rejection

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