Residential Window Film in Westminster, the Orange County Mainstay

It’s rather amusing that the first line on Wikipedia about the place is it’s a city in Orange County in the “Los Angeles metropolitan area,” because there is so much more to Westminster and residential window tint can be so much a part of it. With about 90,000 people living in an estimated 26,400 households there’s a big demand for keeping cool inside in this community in the northwest part of the “OC.” It’s near enough to the ocean to get cool breezes sometimes but highs in August can reach 74 degrees on average. You can run air conditioning units all you want but eventually the monthly electricity bills take a toll.

Modern Technology Combating the Sun’s Harmful Effects

Quality residential window films like those made by Huper Optik or the American upstart Vista Window Film engage modern technology that doesn’t depend on deep dark tints to block sunlight. To start, most modern quality window films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer in humans and wreak havoc on personal property inside homes over time. Most also block a good portion of the heating infra-red rays (IR rays) that are responsible for heating your home when you don’t want it. In Westminster that could be any time of year.

A Home Improvement Addition to Modernize Westminster Homes

Residential window film in Westminster as well as in nearby communities like Seal Beach and Garden Grove makes sense because most of these post-war homes are not modernized with weatherproofing and other measures to keep coolness inside the house. No matter how much you blast the A/C it always seems like you need to crank it up. How many people remember mom yelling “Shut the door!” Because keeping older homes cool in hot days can be a real challenge. And it’s costly. Anyone interested in cutting electricity bills significantly should consider this simple one-time investment: window film on your home (or business) windows.

Crime-Deterrent Additional Side Bennie

Think about this: the average temperature in December in Westminster is 57 degrees. People are clicking on the A/C units in the winter, which is unnecessary. Quality window films like those by Vista Window Film can automatically keep home interiors cooler, without anyone hardly noticing why. Add to that a nice shade tint, maybe a 50 percent charcoal tint, or even a frosted decorative tint, and add to that. Plus with a shade tint or decorative feature you block the view of people passing by from peering into your home. Residential window film not only saves money, keeps your home comfortable and looks pretty cool from the outside – it also helps deter crime.

Westminster Home Owners can Control their Own Destiny

Westminster was founded in 1870 but like most cities nearby incorporated as a city in the post-war 1950s to control their own destiny – it was cityhood or be eaten by Los Angeles or Long Beach back then. Many old-time City of Westminster residents remain like that: they like to control their own destiny and don’t like outsiders telling them what to do. They can control the destiny of their property with residential window film on the glass openings into their homes. They can deter potential break-ins, enjoy a cooler and more comfortable interior and have more money to themselves to spend because their electricity bills will go down. Call us today for more information about residential window film in Westminster and nearby neighborhoods like Fountain Valley.



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Window Tinting In Westminster

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Window Tinting in Westminster

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Window Tinting In Westminster

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