Residential Window Tint in California Heights: A Historic Neighborhood

“California Heights houses are perfect candidates for window film that blocks solar energy …”

For home improvement options, residential window tint in California Heights, a historical district of Long Beach, may not be top-of mind. But in the long run, adding a home window film to some of the 830 or so properties is a wise investment. California Heights homes are quaint and comfortable, on spacious lots, built in the 1920s after oil rights speculation faded and residential construction began. Older homes can be difficult to keep cool, so owners turn to new air conditioning units to try to beat the Los Angeles area heat. But old homes can leak air from several places, and often are not well-insulated.

Enter residential window tint. California Heights houses are perfect candidates for window film that blocks solar energy and the sun’s powerful rays from warming house interiors. Quality window films like those produced by manufacturers like Huper Optik, LLumar or 3M reject more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that are known to cause skin cancer, plus a good chunk of infra-red rays (IR rays) that redden the skin and produce plenty of heat. All the while, home owners can choose from films that are either nearly invisible to the eye, or customized with tint shading or even decorative touches like frost.

There are multiple benefits to a residential window tint in California Heights, as well as in other Long Beach neighborhoods like nearby Bixby Knolls, or Belmont Shore down by the ocean. Let’s explore:

Residential Window Tint Saves Money

Adding residential window tint on California Heights homes can save homeowners (or even renters if they’re responsible for utilities) hundreds if not thousands of dollars on monthly electricity bills. It is estimated that window film on residential glass can reduce energy consumption by more than 80 percent. Think about it: if what’s heating the home is the sun, and you’re rejecting most of the solar energy coming in, you use the air conditioning unit (and floor fans) much less. You save energy, which is good for the environment but also good for your wallet.

Houses Look ‘Cool’ with Residential Window Film Applied

Window tint on residential properties does much of what it does for cars: makes them look stylish. Almost every home has the plain factory-glass windows. Some older homes, if windows were not replaced over the years, has glass so old it does not even come with modern UV protection built in (albeit at a very limited level). Do you know how old the glass is on your home? Add a window tint, and suddenly all that surface space facing the street comes alive, with a vibrant shade like charcoal, or a decorative element like frosting. Sure makes your home stand out in the neighborhood – and might even cause a few cars passing by to slow down to look.

Gain More Privacy (and Security) with Home Window Tint Jobs

This area immediately west of Long Beach Airport is not known as a high-crime area, but still, potential culprits are not all that far away. Los Angeles freeways make city boundaries irrelevant for crooks. Why chance anything with your property in this historic part of town? Window film with darker tint shades or a frosty finish deter visuals into your home’s insides, meaning crooks can’t decide they want what they see. Residential window tint in California Heights can be a crime-deterring investment.

Boost the Final Re-Sale Value of Your California Heights Home

In the end, residential window tint in California Heights can boost property values, and a better final value at re-sale time. Not that many California Heights owners are ready to sell; most are very proud to be part of the community. But when that day comes, you want to differentiate your property from the rest in the neighborhood. When it comes to square footage, number of rooms and bathrooms and other features there’s not much to separate all the homes. Landscaping and fresh exterior paint only goes so far. But a home that looks cool from the street, with chic windows, increased privacy, and reduced energy consumption is that much more attractive than the ones next door.

UV Protection

Protect your family from harmful UV rays

Reduce Heat

Keep your natural view from the inside looking out while also reducing heat in your home.

Heat Rejection

Lower your monthly energy bill

Heat Rejection

Reduce heat with window film