Residential Window Tint Century City Homes Should Consider


Often when people hear the term Century City they think only of the Fox movie and television studio. Those who know Los Angeles well may also think of the other businesses in this predominately commercial LA neighborhood. But those who really know Los Angeles through and through, or those who actually live in Century City, know that this area is also the site of many residences. There are dozens of residential properties in Century City, most of them located in the streets tucked between Santa Monica Boulevard on the northwest and Pico Boulevard to the southeast.

Century City is a safe, quiet neighborhood, and as such it attracts families looking for a location in the general center of Los Angeles. A home in this area is a fine asset in terms of investment dollars and just because Century City is a great place to live. The savvy way to protect that asset, in terms of property value and quality of life, is to update the home with high quality home window tint. Century City residences can get many benefits from window film, including added security, smaller electric bills, and more comfortable interior.

Window film enhances the safety of a Century City home in two ways. First, it provides significantly more privacy than glass windows, blocking the view into the home from the outside. This keeps your family and visitors anonymous and prevents a potential burglar from looking into the home and planning what they might steal during a break-in. Second, home security window film can prevent a break-in even if the criminal does attempt to force entry into the home. Window tinting strengthens the windowpanes with a thin but durable layer of material that helps keep the glass together as a solid mass even if the panes are cracked. This can slow or even fully prevent entry into the property.

Window film will reduce Century City home electric bills by helping to insulate to the windows and by blocking out a large portion of the solar energy that drives up indoor temperatures. When your residence is kept cooler thanks to blocked infrared energy heat and with better insulation, the costs incurred by air conditioning system use will fall.

That cooler interior is not just more affordable, but it is also more pleasant for those within the home. And keep in mind that while window film blocks much of the sun’s heat, it still lets in bright, welcome visible sunlight.

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