Residential Window Tint Means Savings In Pasadena

Pasadena sits at the tip of the famous San Fernando Valley. It is located in a beautiful part of Los Angeles County, but Pasadena is also relatively far from the offshore breeze of the Pacific Ocean and sits at the base of foothills and mountains where heat can build up. In the months of June, July, August, and September (and sometimes even October), Pasadena can experience many days of extreme heat. And lots of heat means lots of use of fans and AC units, which in turn means big power bills.

The primary cause of interior heat gain is infrared solar energy passing through the windows of a home and cool air lost right back out through those same windows; most homes do not have properly insulated windows, and thus end up wasting far too much power compensating for heat gained and cool air lost.

The solution is simple, though: window tint keeps a Pasadena home cooler both by blocking solar heat and by helping to maintain interior coolness.

In fact, residential window film a improvement product that won’t just save you money, but will even pay for itself completely many times over if you stay in your home for a number of years.

Whenever it is warm out (or even on cooler says where the sun shines directly on your windows) the outdoor temperature will elevate indoor as the day progresses, usually necessitating the use of fans and AC to keep a Pasadena property cool. And as air conditioning costs usually account for more than half of that power bill, the warmer the weather, the more costly your home is to keep comfortable and cool.

Window tint keeps your Pasadena residence temperate by blocking out much of the hot near infrared solar rays, preventing heat gain and reducing the need for power-consuming air conditioning systems. Window tint also adds a layer of insulation to glass windows, helping a single pane window offer the same level of insulation as a double-paned window.

Also note that having window film installed in a Pasadena home costs a mere fraction of the price of replacing all your old windows with new energy efficient models. Most residences that opt for solar control window tint see a break-even point (the amount of money they save in reduced electrical costs surpassing the price of window tint installation) in just two or three; replacing the windows themselves would take more than a decade to commence yielding returns in terms of savings.

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