Residential Window Tint Removal In Rancho Palos Verdes

Do you have low-grade window film on your windows that has become an eyesore? Do you have film that is no longer performing the way that it should? Have you tried removing the film yourself, only to realize it’s much harder than it looks? Let Window Tint LA help you. We can professionally remove window film from your home or commercial building.

The hardest part about removing film is removing the adhesive. Dry adhesive is most commonly used. The adhesive activates after it becomes wet and can take several weeks to fully attach to the glass. Once the adhesive is fully dried, it can be extremely challenging to remove.

There are various different types of adhesives. The type of film will determine the type of adhesive that is used. During your consultation, we will inspect your windows and your film to ensure we use the correct technique to preserve your glass during the removal process. Our consultants will stop by your location, review the windows, and provide an estimate for the removal on the spot! Call today to schedule your free consultation!

home window tint removal

View of window before professional removal

residential window tint removal

Image of bubbling window film

residential window tint removal near me

View of windows after removal has been completeed

home window tint film removal

Window film is carefully removed to preserve your glass

tint removal for home

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