Residential Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Protect your home in Southern California with anti graffiti window film. No one wants to live in a residence that has windows tainted with spray paint or scratches, but the cost of replacing windows can be prohibitively expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to coat your home’s windows in “sacrificial” anti graffiti window film just as soon as they are installed.

Residential anti graffiti window film is a wise idea for any house, apartment, or condo, and that’s especially true if you live in one of Los Angeles’ busier, mixed use neighborhoods. Even in lovely areas like Beverly Hills or Westwood, the high volume of tourists, visitors, and a large transient population means an increased chance for vandalism and graffiti. Any street-level window in a residence should be protected with anti graffiti window film, as it may present a target of easy opportunity for a tagger or vandal.

Anti graffiti window film can be easily customized to fit any window in your home, from huge plate glass windows to smaller panes. These window treatments take little time to apply, and their installation process is minimally invasive — it’s certainly more convenient to have window film applied to your windows than it is to replace your windows if they should be damaged!

We offer Los Angeles residential anti graffiti window film customers a free estimate for the cost of their window film installation project, and we stand by our product: you can rest assured that your windows will be protected from graffiti once we have completed our installation, and that we will promptly arrive to remove and replace the films if your home falls victim to graffiti.