Professional Home Window Film Installation

Have you ever considered tinting your home? It might sound funny at first, due to commonly known practice of getting your car windows tinted, but did you know that tinting the windows on your house can save you a ton of money and increase the efficiency of your home? The benefits of putting window film on your home can provide exceptionally energy savings benefits. With 99.9% UV protection your furniture and skin will thank you. Even with expensive window shades, window film can be considered a necessity for homes in Southern California because of the intense sun and heat. Window shades themselves will likely fade over time from the UV rays. Also, shades to not block heat. Instead they block your visibility and light. With window film, you’ll save on your energy bill while preserving your view out.

Museums, storefronts, and other types of businesses use window tinting to save their art and retail items from the sun’s powerful rays. They block the wear and tear that would otherwise de-colorize and destroy the fabric in your furniture, retail products, artwood, draperies, and wood floors which results in premature fading of your couches and carpets causing the unnecessary expense of repair and replacement. Our residential and commercial window films block 99% of the Ultra Violet rays.

The application of residential and/or commercial window film will decrease your air conditioning bill and energy costs of your home or business. Because window film blocks out the sun’s rays, you will be able to decrease the amount of heat that can permeate your house due to the build-up of excess sun. In turn, your air conditioning will not cycle on as often to compensate for the rise in temperature throughout the day. This means that you will save money and reduce your cooling costs of the hot Southern California sun. Your air conditioning unit will run more efficiently and likely not need to be maintained or repaired as often.

Also, you can consider the safety of you and your family. Window tint will block 99.9% of the UV rays. Windows film tint on your home is both economically smart and a healthy choice as well. The installation of home window film can be the best economic decision you and your family. Call us today for a completely free consultation. We’ll come to your home or business to measure the glass, provide sample films, and answer any questions. (310) 935-1748