Warranty Information – Residential

Hüper Optik Residential Window Films also come with a lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer which covers bubbling, blistering, peeling, de-laminating from the glass, so it is guaranteed to maintain its appearance.

Huper Optik’s Patented Nano-Ceramic Window Film is completely dye-free and metal-free. Being dye-free, it will provide the most natural hue and look out instead of a “blue shift” caused by dye’d films. Equally important, the color and shade of the Huper Optik Films is built throughout the film rather than the top layer as with competitors films, which can result in the dye’s fading, scratching or changing colors over time.

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You get professional window installation with:


Written Manufacturer Warranty


Original Sales Receipt


Total Nationwide Coverage

At Questionable Window Tint Companies

You can expect:


NO Written Waranty


NO Receipt


NO Naitionwide Coverage
NO Accountability
NO Real Warranty

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