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The owner of this gorgeous Los Angeles home was interested in reducing the heat in her home as well as increasing privacy for her family. We installed HuperOptik Fusion 10 to her front windows to give her the privacy she was looking for. This film will also benefit the interior of your home by reducing fading. We also installed HuperOptik Ceramic 40 to the rest of the home in order to reduce heat. This is an extremely durable 100% dye and metal free film. This film is scratch-resistant and protects you from harsh ultra violet rays.

HuperOptik Fusion 10 specs:

Visible Light Transmission: 42%

UV Light Rejection: 99%

Total Solar Energy Rejected: 55%

Infared Rejection: 80%

HuperOptik Ceramic 40 specs:

Visible Light Transmission: 11%

Visible Light Reflectance – Interior: 19%

Visible Light Reflectance – Exterior: 51%

Glare Reduction: 88%

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Ceramic 40 installed on the large window to reduce heat and prevent stairs from fading.

Before and after:

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Residential Window Tinting 90049

Fusion 10, reflective film, installed on the large front windows to increase privacy, as you can see the natural light is still entering the home.

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Before and after:

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