Safety Window Film for Alamitos Beach, a Coastal Neighborhood of Long Beach

“All that protects you, your family and property are thin sheets of glass over big holes in the exterior walls.”

It can seem the sun shines all the time in this coastal neighborhood – a perfect reason why residential and safety window film in Alamitos Beach makes sense. There is plenty of sunshine, but also glare off the ocean and human threats to windows from the many visitors in this touristy area. Protecting your Alamitos Beach property can mean many things – bars on windows, alarm systems, dogs, etc. The windows are often overlooked, and it’s unfortunate because they are the weakest points in home protection systems. All that protects you, your family and property are thin sheets of glass over big holes in the exterior walls.

Window Film to Reinforce Glass on Windows

How would safety window film in Alamitos Beach help? First, the window film enhances and strengthens glass windows. Upon being struck by a solid object, glass improved with window film does not shatter and propel thousands of small sharp pieces of glass. The film holds the glass together, albeit in pieces, and often still attached to the frame. This alone can serve as an obstacle to someone attempting entry. Additionally, safety window film prevents injuries to humans or pets inside if an item strikes a window hard and fast. It might seem a simple proposition, but people get injured from flying glass more often than you might imagine.

Durability with Modern Residential Window Films

There also is the considerable amount of protective qualities with modern window films produced by companies like Huper Optik and LLumar. These aren’t the old vinyl window films we’ve seen on cars over the years. Some of those had a tendency to fade or discolor over time, or even dry out to crack and peel away. Modern window films especially the ones developed with nano-technology are known for their durability. It ensures that application onto a home structure would be a one-time investment, and not something to replace year after year.

Constant Battle against the Power of the Sun

That added peace of mind, that your family and home’s interior are protected from the destructive power of the sun is not something to take lightly. The sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are known to cause skin cancer with prolonged exposure. Couple that with the heating infra-red rays (IR rays) and you face something every day that can prematurely age or otherwise damage people and properties. Focused sun spots inside a home can damage hardwood floors, for instance, to the point of replacement. Blinds, carpeting, drapes, sofas, you name it, and too much sun-ray exposure can prove costly.

Safety Window Film as Long-Term Investment

But overall consider adding safety window film to Alamitos Beach homes as an investment long-term. Adding high-quality window film to a home can improve its exterior aesthetic appearance and help differentiate the property from all the others in the area. In neighborhoods like Alamitos Beach this is imperative during re-sale time, to preserve and hopefully enhance the sale price. Play it up by informing potential buyers that the home is always cooler with the window film so the monthly savings on electricity bills is significant. Contact us soon to discuss and explore the wide variety of safety window film options, tint shadings and more!

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