Safety Window Film in Mount Washington Northeast of L.A.


“Adding safety window film to Mount Washington home windows means holding glass pieces together, which serves as an obstacle to break-ins.”

Its “beauty and quirky nature” conjures images of a hippy commune but safety window film in Mount Washington, the neighborhood northeast of Los Angeles, is anything but. Today it’s a district considered by some as the richest of the East Side of L.A., one of many distinct local neighborhoods that seems to be aging gracefully. In that realm of growing with the changing times, Mount Washington features older homes that could use some modern “tender loving care” when it comes to safety and protection. When a homeowner thinks about “home improvement,” adding residential window film should be included in the thoughts and dreams.

How Safety Window Film Helps Protect

This geographically non-linear community roughly between the Glendale and Pasadena freeways lies protected among the San Rafael Hills. Its population is around 15,000 residents, some who are aware, and others not, that the ills of the huge Los Angeles population means spill-over. Proximity to freeways invites criminal acts, including vandalism. Should your home become victim to a window break in Mount Washington, safety window film could prevent disaster. Glass improved with window film will not implode radically upon impact. The film holds the broken pieces in place – protecting those inside from projected shards of glass, and also remaining as an obstacle for intruders.

Home Safety Window Mount Washington and Nearby

The Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles, and nearby neighborhoods like Eagle Rock, Highland Park and Montecito Heights, are safe for the most part and need little in terms of exaggerated security measures. However, when contemplating security or safety window film, there’s more to the story than just preventing crime. Preventing criminal acts is desirable – and home safety window film does that – holding damaged window glass in place instead of it just disappearing in a pile of broken glass. Adding safety window film to Mount Washington home windows means holding glass pieces together, which serves as an obstacle to break-ins.

Reinforce Weakest Defense Points of Homes

What are the least-secure points of a modern urban home? Windows are big openings in the main walls that serve to protect us. And all we have between us and trouble is a thin sheet of glass. When an unimproved window is struck by a hard object, the glass breaks and falls away leaving a gaping hole in your defense. A human could pop through the opening in little time. With home safety window film in Mount Washington, the glass gets held together, usually still connected with the frame. It’s becomes an impediment to entry; your home is not that easily entered with a safety window film applied.

Protect and Even Improve Your Mount Washington Home Value

You can customize your home’s window film in Mount Washington to prevent criminal intent – and at the same time possibly improve the aesthetic exterior appearance of the property. Window films come in a variety of tint shades, and even decorative styles like frosting, that blur visions from outside into your home. Burglars are less apt to try entry if they’re unsure of what’s on the other side. Glass touches like tint shading or frosting look great from the street, and can help differentiate properties from others at re-sale time.

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