Security Film Installed at Los Angeles School

There are many dangers that we face each day. Glass is a major danger that we often times overlook. Both natural and manmade disasters are increasing everywhere. Vandalism, storms, explosions and earthquakes are all disasters that everyone needs to prepare for.

One way to help protect your loved ones and your property is by installing security window film. This is a clear heavy-duty film installed on windows to provide a barrier against various threats. The film helps to reduce the likelihood of flying glass and helps prevents forced entry during an attempted burglary.

For this local school, we installed LLumar R-20 8 mil security window film for a guard booth. In addition to keeping the guards safe, this film also has other benefits. Here are a few specs for this window film:

Visible Light Transmittance: 16%
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 79%
UV Ray Protection: 99%
Glare Reduction: 82%

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security window film

Image of windows before applying security window film

break and entry security window film

Before installing security window film for additional protection

llumar security film

View of windows after applying LLumar R-20 security film

security window film near me

Maintain a natural view when looking out of windows

security window film

View of guard booth after film has been installed

commercial window tinting los angeles

Security film installed to add security, block UV rays, and reduce glare