Security Window Film for Coldwater Canyon and its Savvy Residents

“You can leave a smaller footprint on the environment with residential or security window film on Coldwater Canyon homes.”

A security window film for Coldwater Canyon estates makes all the sense in the world for a number of reasons, among them the need for security and privacy from all the hustle-bustle the Los Angeles region can bring. People move to enclaves like Coldwater Canyon to get away from all the commotion that city streets nurtures, yet remain close enough to join the action within minutes. The quiet canyon community between Beverly Hills and Studio City in the San Fernando Valley is a getaway – but not walled off from the prying eyes of the curious below. Residents here value their privacy.

Since building fences or walls around Coldwater Canyon properties is expensive as well as eye-sores, other measures are needed to ensure privacy and security. Enter security window film for Coldwater Canyon homes, which can deliver a number of benefits, such as:

Privacy Bolstered with Security Window Film

Few burglars enter properties blind. They tend to know at least a little something about what’s inside before deciding to act. Why give them even an inkling of bad deeds on your Coldwater Canyon home? A quality window film with a darker tint shade, or even a decorative element like frosting, blurs vision into the structure and nudges potential criminals to move on.

Protection Inside as Well as Out

Security window films also can be called Safety Window Films. With a window film applied, glass on Coldwater Canyon windows do not shatter or spray sharp shards upon impact. So if a burglar or vandal strikes a window with a hard object, the glass tends to stay connected to the frame, remaining as an obstacle to entry and hopefully convincing a criminal to go away. On the inside, people and pets are protected from dangerous flying pieces of glass. The film strengthens the glass and holds it together.

Reduce Energy Consumption, Save Money with Home Window Tinting

You can leave a smaller footprint on the environment with residential or security window film on Coldwater Canyon homes. Most of these homes are not small, meaning a lot of cubic square footage to keep cool on hot Los Angeles days. High-quality window films like those offered by LLumar, Huper Optik or 3M reject more than 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) as well as much of the sun’s infra-red rays (IR rays), keeping interiors cooler and leaving air conditioning units idle. It is estimated that heat-rejecting window films can reduce warmth in a house by more than 80 percent. Imagine the savings in electricity bills, let alone the impact to our environment.

Increase Re-Sale Value with Residential Window Film in Coldwater Canyon

Coldwater Canyon is among the most affluent neighborhoods in Los Angeles County. Take a look at Coldwater Canyon home listings and you get a glimpse of the value of these properties. Yet, many desirable features are included in most of them. Home theater? Check. Walk-in closets. Check. Big backyard with a pool? Check. Differentiate your property, by making it look cooler from the street, or by informing potential buyers that they’ll save thousands of dollars a year in electricity bills. Gain an edge over neighboring properties with a residential window film in Coldwater Canyon.

(By the way, imagine blackout window film on that home theater … for a true theater experience, the only light coming from the screen. Grab the popcorn!).

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Guard your home against flying glass during a natural disaster

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Stop burglars with windows that are harder to break and enter

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Improve the overall performance of your windows