Security Window Film in Del Mar, Ca: Protection from Property Crime

“Del Mar homeowners should think about security window film, which is aimed more at the human threats.”

Images of this seaside city may conflict, but security window film in Del Mar, Ca is an appropriate extra measure to prevent and thwart potential trouble that can exist. Del Mar at one point had the highest property crime rate of any city in San Diego County. While this affluent community with a Utopian climate may seem peaceful – and for the most part it is – taking that one additional step to ensure your home’s security can be priceless. Security window film in Del Mar and for nearby communities like Carlsbad and Cardiff can thwart break-ins before they occur and provide peace of mind.

By the Sea Means Threats from Birds

That the name Del Mar means “of the sea” or “by the sea” in Spanish is a no-brainer. The city is located in a soft plain flowing gently to the sea and is very visible from a distance especially from the ultra-busy Golden State Freeway (5). Considering its seaside location, and huge attraction with the Del Mar racetrack, a bird safety window film may be appropriate. There are a lot of seagulls in this area and other aviary friends posing danger to large windows. But overall, Del Mar homeowners should think about security window film, which is aimed more at the human threats.

Window Film Holds Damaged Glass Together

Residential security window film in Del Mar means adding a layer of film onto window glass that impacts visuals into your property, and also protects people and pets inside during breakage. Would-be burglars are less likely to attempt entry into a property if they unaware of what’s inside. Don’t give them the chance, by ordering a dark-shaded tint, or even a decorative window film like the frosted variety. These window films look great on homes and can actually add to the overall value of the property. Besides the crime-deterrent benefit, security window film can add an element of style to a home’s exterior appearance.

There’s an Interior Safety Element, Too

Quality window films like those manufactured by companies like Huper Optik or LLumar shield the view of items inside your home from the outside. Additionally the residential window film strengthens the glass and prevents flying sharp glass pieces to threaten injury to people and pets inside. Finally, quality window film rejects more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which are known to cause skin cancer, plus a good portion of heating infra-red rays (IR rays). You get peace of mind that your property protected from the sun’s power, as well as from human criminal desires. And think of all the savings on electricity bills each month as the air conditioning unit can be left alone!

Boost Privacy, Create Neat Room Environs with Dark Tint Shades

Security and what are also known as safety window film for Del Mar boosts privacy. Window films are available in a great range of tint shades and even cosmetic decorative styles like frosting. It’s up to the homeowner just how dark or vision-impacting the windows will be. Select a 20-percent tint shade, for example, and only that amount of light will get into the interior. A “limo tint” of 5 percent is atypical for a home, but … You can really block seeing anything inside. For rooms like theaters or media rooms the lack of any light can be awesome and a nice additional touch to the value of the home.

Security Film

Glass will not shatter with Security window film. It will spiderweb

Security Film

Avoid glass breaking during a storm or Natural Disaster

Security Film

Stop break ins before they happen with Security Window Film

UV Protection

Block harmful UV rays from fading the floors and furniture