Security Window Film for El Rio, the Neighborhood Centering Ventura County

Mostly the neighborhood is full of young families and safe, but it helps to not rest on laurels and consider security window film for El Rio homes or businesses as a literal new layer of protection. On maps El Rio looks like the center of the populated southern part of Ventura County, but in reality is considered a “West County” unincorporated community. It’s mostly residential properties, with a bit of commercial activities such as along Vineyard Avenue (officially State Route 232, though few here call it just “the 232”).

Access from Every Direction: A Case for More Security Window Film in El Rio

It’s not a huge community with more than 7,000 residents, but security window film in El Rio makes sense because of the roadways that provide access for everyone from Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo, and ultimately from the Conejo Valley, San Fernando Valley and beyond. The Ventura Freeway (101) is the primary transportation route connecting the urbanized L.A. with Ventura County’s seat of San Buenaventura (Ventura) and then Santa Barbara County to the north.

That means lots of cars, motorcycles, trailers and trucks rolling by – and plenty of unknown eyes to peer into structures. Security window films provide more privacy and help blur sightlines into the interiors of structures.

Secure Homes in El Rio, and Nearby like East Oxnard, from Trouble

Homes in Camarillo tend to be larger than most you will find in the immediate area or from all over Ventura County for that matter. They can have touches like large windows, to allow great views of nearby hills or off toward the Pacific Ocean. The Channel Islands can be seen here on clear days so many Camarillo homeowners like west-facing big windows to impress visitors, and enjoy themselves. These big windows go two ways: they let you see the sights, but also let would-break intruders see into your home. That is a big draw of security window film in Camarillo – to hopefully deter a criminal act before it begins.

Ongoing Threats from Outsiders going Past or through El Rio

As mentioned, with the busy 101 freeway right by El Rio – it essentially separates the unincorporated from the incorporated neighborhoods – would-be burglars and vandals have access to fast getaway points in and out. If your property is near the freeway, or even along Vineyard Avenue, it beckons the question of when you will gain interest in security window film for El Rio properties.

‘New Jerusalem’ No Longer: Elrio, and Later El Rio, Born

The town was founded in 1875 as New Jerusalem, California by the Prussian-Jewish owner of a general store who happened to become the first postmaster seven years later. The community name was changed to El Rio around 1900, named for the adjacent, wide and generally empty Santa Clara River. Vineyard Avenue remains the central business district, and early settlers made money running stagecoaches between nearby Montalvo and Port Hueneme. For more information about the benefits of security window film in El Rio, Montalvo, Ventura, Oxnard or Camarillo, please contact us today!



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