Security Window Film in Arleta, a Northeast Valley Bastion


The relatively small neighborhood of Los Angeles is dominated by families and therefore a strong candidate for security window film, in Arleta in the northeast quadrant of the San Fernando Valley. While not known for a high crime rate, Arleta has a considerable number of older home structures and adding a touch of added security to some of them can be worthwhile. Today’s security window films can apply modern advances like nano-ceramic technology that can do wonders for the value of a property.

Young Community – and Part of ‘Back to the Future’

Arleta may seem a small neighborhood between places like Mission Hills, Sun Valley and Pacoima but it definitely has elements of distinction. For instance, in the “Back to the Future” movie series, Arleta was the filming location for the McFly family. Demographically it’s considered “moderately diverse,” but of note is that the percentage of residents there between ages 11 and 18 is among the highest in Los Angeles County. About 35,000 people call Arleta home, and many homeowners there take great pride in keeping their homes and streets safe. Residential security window film is a step in that direction.

Benefits of Quality Residential Security Window Film

Quality security window film, like offerings by Huper Optik, LLumar or Vista Window Film, provides visual deterrence to potential criminal acts. These films are strong on glare reduction making it easier to see out, but more importantly add a tint shade or a decorative touch like frosting and outsiders can’t see well into the inside of homes. Culprits can be less likely to attempt break-ins if they’re unsure what’s inside. Security window films provide a considerable amount of privacy to homes – an element most homeowners in Arleta would appreciate.

Four Square Miles with Lots of Homes to Protect

For the uninitiated, the boundaries of Arleta are Laurel Canyon Boulevard on the northeast, Paxton Avenue on the northwest, Tonopah Avenue to the southeast and Woodman Avenue on the southwest. Some estimate the entire neighborhood is about four square miles. Not a huge area geographically but a neighborhood with plenty of single-family homes. Many have huge front windows that can be targets for lookey-loos or even vandals. Add some security window film and block views to your home’s interior, and also some protection in case of breakage. Windows improved with film are less likely to explode and propel sharp shards of glass inward and toward people or pets.

One-Time Investment for the Betterment of Arleta Homes

Security window film in Arleta can provide a multitude of benefits, among them significant cost savings on electrical bills each month because modern window films reject almost all ultraviolet light and a good portion of the heating infra-red rays. Homes with quality window film all around stay cooler and let you leave the air conditioning system alone more often. The savings can be significant – making a one-time investment to improve your Arleta home’s windows something to last well into the future.

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