Security Window Film in Mar Vista and Nearby Hamlets

“A home improvement crime deterrent, which happens to come with many other benefits, is security window film.”

The need for security window film in Mar Vista and nearby locales like Westdale and Palms is apparent. While relatively secluded in its location nestled against the San Diego Freeway (405), neighborhoods in and around Mar Vista are cognizant of the ever-present threat of outsiders coming in for mischief. Vandalism is an ongoing challenge for the Los Angeles area; and burglary is a possibility no matter where you live in the Southland. A home improvement crime deterrent, which happens to come with many other benefits, is security window film.

Mar Vista with roughly 40,000 residents is a residential as well as commercial community where locals and property owners discourage and frown upon illegal activity. Nonetheless it’s impossible to stop entirely, so proactive measures like security window film or safety window tint can be attractive.

Add Another Entry Obstacle with Security Window Film

No matter what you add to your Mar Vista property to bolster protection, such as bars on windows, an alarm system or even a dog, you always can take one more step. Safety window film addresses the weakest and least-secure part of any structure: the windows. All that stands between you, your property and bad people is glass. Safety window film strengthens the glass, helping it stay attached to the frame upon impact with a hard object. With a film attached, glass won’t shatter into a lot of small sharp pieces, which can actually fly and hurt people and pets inside. By holding the window in place, even in a damaged state, it serves as an obstacle to fast entry.

Double-Whammy Benefit: Deter Crime, Protect Interiors

A safety or security window film in Mar Vista can also come in a range of tint shades or even decorative style like frosting, to spoil the vision into your home or business by passersby or loiterers. Would-be suspects are more apt to target a property if they already know what’s inside. Nip the temptation with a tint shade or frosting so they can’t know. A tint shade with a quality window tint film, like those made by Huper Optik or LLumar, also provide quite a bit of protection from the sun’s harmful rays – a double-whammy benefit!

Great Long-Term Return on Investment

Cooling older homes like many of those in Mar Vista can be challenging and sometimes costly. If structures are not properly insulated cool air constantly escapes, adding to energy costs. Quality security window films can reject nearly all of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and much of infra-red rays (IR rays) to reduce heat and keep interiors cooler. This can result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars in savings each year in electricity costs to keep air conditioning units running. Security window tint on all the glass on your home is a one-time investment that can match its return-on-investment (ROI) point relatively quickly, letting you enjoy the benefits long thereafter.

Security Window Film Protects from Accidental Breakage

The bottom line for security window film in Mar Vista and nearby communities like Culver City, Venice and Hilltop is they reinforce glass to near shatter-proof levels, protect people and pets inside from injury in case of sudden breakage, and reject heat away from the structure to save money. The Mar Vista community between National and Washington boulevards is quite young overall – the percent of residents age 19 to 34 is among the highest in Los Angeles County – and they like to have fun. This means balls flying through the air, and other potential dangers to your windows. Keep them intact with a security window film. Contact us today for more information about security window film or safety window tint in Mar Vista or nearby.

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