Security Window Film in Reynier Village of West L.A.

“Few home owners can resist improving the curb appeal of their property.”

The neighborhood association logo is a bit cartoon-ish but broadly the concept of security window film in Reynier Village of west Los Angeles is like its residents. They mean business, but maintain an artsy side and cherish the sense of family. The community centered around and anchored by all the activity at Reynier Park is mostly residential but is close enough to enough mid-city businesses to maintain property values. The community is mostly safe, but that doesn’t mean property owners should rest on their laurels. An extra step toward deterring criminal activity in the first place helps preserve older homes – and the community overall.

For Older Homes, Consider it a ‘Preservation Film’

The Los Angeles Times reported back in 2006 all the home structure elements that could truly benefit from security window film in Reynier Village. Original houses from the 1920s and 1930s can feature detailed touches like hardwood floors, arched doorways and curved ceilings. These features are attractive for future buyers, but sometimes difficult to maintain. Today’s modern residential window films reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that can seriously dry out and damage hardwood floors and other elements made with wood. Security film in Reynier Village can also be considered “preservation film.”

Security Window Film for Public Safety

From a public safety perspective, security film in Reynier Village helps prevent criminal acts before they happen. Window tint films with shade tints, or decorative window films like those with frosted touches, prevent passersby or the nosey from peering inside your home. Crooks are less likely to attempt entry if they don’t know what’s inside. What’s more, having window film on the glass keeps broken glass pieces together, often still connected to the window frame, upon sudden impact. This holds the glass there and maintains an obstacle for entry. It also prevents window glass from breaking into small sharp flying objects, which can injure persons and pets nearby. So security film in Reynier Village also could be called “safety film.”

Boost Curb Appeal, Re-Sale Value

Reynier Village is dominated by Spanish Revival-style modestly sized homes. They can be charming, but with so very many a buyer may be hard-pressed to differentiate between them. If you’re nearing retirement or re-sale it may be time to consider a home improvement addition that could make the property stand out. Security window film gives your real estate agent one more positive point to press – added security – and with the right tint shade selection could even make the house look better from the street. Few homeowners can resist improving the curb appeal of their property.

Reynier Village at a Glance

This neighborhood shaped like an upside-down triangle on a map is squished between the neighborhoods of La Cienega Heights, Beverlywood, Castle Heights and Helms. The Reynier Heights Neighborhood Association notes the boundaries as a West Los Angeles neighborhood bordered on the west and east by Robertson Boulevard and Garth Avenue, and north-to-south y Cadillac Ave. and the Santa Monica Freeway (10). Essentially it’s the neighborhood surrounding Reynier Park. Its roots date back to 1923 when a bank chose to subdivide the property into single-family homes.

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