Security Window Film in Los Feliz – Safeguard against Lookey-Loos

If local residents were asked to discuss security window film in Los Feliz, inevitably it would veer to all the unwelcome visitors the community gets due its designation in recent years as a haven for hipsters or an up-and-coming place to invest in real estate. This part of the City of Los Angeles, actually located in the center of the city next to Hollywood, with a population nearing 40,000, is making a name for itself that could have occurred many years earlier. That just means more visitors, and increased potential for trouble for homes in Los Feliz or nearby neighborhoods.

Bolstering the Weakest Points of a Home’s Defense

With some of the highest rates of never-married women and widowed women in all of Los Angeles County, those living alone would be wise to call us to talk about security window film in Los Feliz. Windows are typically the weakest (and least-secure) points of a home’s defense. Potential burglars or bad-intentioned vandals can knock a window into a full-on hole in your home’s outer wall in seconds. Security window film in Los Feliz, or maybe at least privacy window film, can either slow down break-ins in progress, and maybe even deter the criminal act from commencing in the first place.

Security Window Film for Los Feliz Homes Slows Break-Ins

Unimproved, windows are weak portals that can allow quick access into your home and your valuables. One way to slow culprits down is security window film in Los Feliz. This film holds window glass together in case its stricken hard and breaks. The pieces hold together and usually stick with the frame, remaining as on obstacle to entry. A side benefit is the safety element: window glass with film on it does not project small sharp shards of glass inside to endanger people or pets inside.

Privacy Window Film in Los Feliz can Avoid Crime before it Occurs

Another way to stop criminals is to deter them from attempting a break-in in the first place. You can deter crime by not letting passersby to peek into what’s inside your home. A quality window film, such as those provided by the Germany-originated Huper Optik, comes in a variety of tint shades and even decorative styles including stylishly frosted. From inside the house you can still see out very well; from the outside, people on the street or sidewalk cannot see valuable items like antiques or artwork on walls. Privacy or security window film in Los Feliz is an insurance policy against unnecessary losses.

Long-Term Energy Consumption Savings with Security Window Film

Last but certainly not least, there is money savings. Security window film in Naples and other parts of Long Beach limits the need for air conditioning. The more you keep the A/C off, the better your electricity bill looks at the end of each month. It is estimated that having residential window film on the glass of your home reduces the interior temperature by more than 80 percent. Contact us today for more information. We do residential and commercial window tinting and graphics for Southern California from Oxnard to all of San Diego County and as far east as Palm Springs.


Security Window Film in Los Feliz

Before we installed security window film

Security Window Film in Los Feliz

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Security Window Film in Los Feliz

Strengthen your widows with security film (Before Photo)

Security Window Film in Los Feliz

After we installed Huper Optiki’s security film on glass door

Security Window Film in Los Feliz

Maintain your natural view when looking out with window film

Security Window Film in Los Feliz

After we installed security film to help protect from glass shatter