Security Window Film for Malibu Homes

Malibu is home to some of the loveliest homes in the Los Angeles area and in fact in all of greater Southern California. Residents of this storied community take pride in their homes and they value their residential privacy and security.

If you own a home in Malibu and you are looking for ways to ensure your family and your property are as safe as possible, there are few more cost effective ways to enhance the privacy and security of your property than by installing specialty window film in your Malibu residence.

Safety / Security Window Films for Homes

Security window films provide a 98% UV Protection. UV is the primary cause of the fading of furniture, floors and window covers. Security window film is not only better secure your home, it will also protect your floors, furniture and window coverings from sun damage.

Malibu Privacy Window Tint – The First Step Toward Better Home Security

With one way privacy window tint Malibu homeowners can enjoy an unobstructed view out through their windows while enjoying total privacy from anyone trying to see in through the windows during daylight hours. Frosted window film gives your home total privacy at all hours of the day by rendering windows optically opaque yet still letting light come into your home.

Security Window Film in Malibu, California

Security Window Film in Malibu, California

Malibu Security Window Film – Making Your Home Safe and Sound

Better privacy is just one step in creating a more secure home, though: security window film can actually render the windows of your Malibu residence almost impervious to a break-in attempt. And while security window film can provide almost the same level of protection as solid bars placed across the windows, it will not impact the aesthetics of your home or the function of your windows in anyway. And in a town like Malibu where most homes are simply gorgeous, preserving looks is an important facet.

Glass windows and doors are traditionally a home’s biggest liability in terms of burglary or accidental damage. Once your Malibu residence has security window film installed on its windows and glass doors, the so-called soft underbelly of your home’s security will instead present an almost impenetrable wall, ready to rebuff a breaking and entering crime or to protect people and property from damage caused by flying debris or from shards of glass caused by an earthquake or other emergency. Contact Window Tint LA today for a free, no-obligation in-person visit to your home in Malibu. We’ll gladly show you samples of the security window film we offer, answer any questions and address concerns you might have, and then we’ll create a customized plan for your home.

Security Window Film in Malibu, California

Safety / Security window film is available in different thicknesses and is intended to hold the glass together in the event of an attempted break-in.

Security Window Films - Malibu, CA

Security Window Films – Malibu, CA