Security Window Film in Rancho Park, the L.A. Neighborhood


“Thieves are less likely to make that criminal decision when there’s uncertainty about what’s inside.”

Old-timers here would scoff about discussions for security window film in Rancho Park, the middle- to upper-class neighborhood wedged between West Los Angeles and Cheviot Park. As opposed to nearby Westwood – which Rancho Park would have been part of if not for Olympic Boulevard’s placement snipping the neighborhoods apart – this neighborhood does not carry the same name recognition. It’s a safe community surrounded by urban life and threats that come with it. Longtime Rancho Park homeowners may not think a window film element is needed for security. They just may be unaware of the facts.

One of the ‘Best’ Neighborhoods not Immune from Trouble

Rancho Park was ranked the fourth-best neighborhood in Los Angeles according to a project by . It’s “a quiet affluent community,” noted one reviewer. Said another, “A lovely place to raise children.” Sounds like Utopia, right? It is true that Rancho Park can go years without a single homicide. Yet it’s not immune to elements coming from all around in Los Angeles. If you’re labeled as an “affluent community,” those from not-so-well-off neighborhoods hear about it and they may just want to come take a look. Quell the urge with security window film, in Rancho Park or nearby locales like Sawtelle or Century City.

What Security Window Film can do for Rancho Park Properties

What can security window film in Rancho Park do for your home or business property? First off, with the proper tint shading or even decorative element these films mar the ability to see clearly through a window and into your property. Thieves are less likely to make that criminal decision when there’s uncertainty about what’s inside. Don’t let a sighting of an antique clock or record collection spur would-be criminals into action. Security window film serves not only as a crime-deterrent measure, but also rejects harmful sun rays and heat from your home’s interior. In the long run quality window film can save a lot of money each year in electricity bills.

Consider the Types of Structures in Home Security Planning

When discussing public safety matters it’s important to consider the types of structures in a community, and Rancho Park of Los Angeles is no exception. Many homes here date back to post-World War II expansion and have older electrical systems that might not shoulder elaborate alarm systems or other security enhancements. Still, these homes still have the weakest points in your home’s defense: glass windows. Without reinforcement a sharp blow can make glass drop and disappear in an instant – allowing quick and easy access. Add security window film and that same glass, albeit in damaged form, remains stuck to the frame and in the way of burglars.

Residential Window Film: Don’t Leave it to Chance

A lot of cars and passersby zing past Rancho Park homes every day. With each pass the odds for trouble in your home increases. Plans are imagined, then devised, then executed. Don’t leave it to chance by installing security window film on homes in Rancho Park and surrounding Los Angeles neighborhoods. Confused about which shade tint to select, or how much ultraviolet light will be rejected? Call us for details, and we’ll do the rest. You will save in energy consumption, and gain peace of mind, with security window film.

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