Security Window Film for Rustic Canyon of Coastal Los Angeles

“In Rustic Canyon it’s all about security and privacy.”

If a dating website could link properties with potential home improvement “mates,” security window film and Rustic Canyon would be “matched.” This secluded (and affluent) residential community attached to Pacific Palisades and Brentwood features property owners who respect their privacy – and a history of standing up to outsiders. The coast-facing canyon neighborhood in the Santa Monica Mountains features a microclimate cooler and more moist than most of the Los Angeles region. But temperature control is not the main attraction for window film there. In Rustic Canyon it’s all about security and privacy.

Safety: Exactly what Security Window Film Provides

Which is precisely what security window film in Rustic Canyon provides. High-quality window tint films, such as those produced by companies like Huper Optik, shield items on the inside from view by people on the outside. Plus, these residential window films hold glass together in case of breakage, holding damaged glass pieces to frames and keeping an obstacle for would-be culprits. This reinforcement of glass by residential window film is a key benefit for property owners. The films make the glass stronger and avoid the spraying of tiny sharp glass pieces upon breakage, preventing injuries inside – but perhaps most importantly remaining as an obstacle for burglars.

Block as Much Light as You Want

Back to privacy and security with residential window film for Rustic Canyon properties, understand that window films are available in a variety of tint shades and even cosmetic decorative styles. You can choose just how dark or vision-blurring you want your Rustic Canyon home to be. Choose a 30-percent tint shade, for instance, and only that amount of light will penetrate into the insides. A “limo tint” of 5 percent is not typical for a home, but who knows? You can block anyone from seeing anything inside – and for rooms like theaters or media rooms the lack of any light penetrating can be a wonderful thing.

Residential Window Film Combats Sun’s Power

Despite its isolation by the canyon layout and narrow streets, Rustin Canyon is not gated nor is it immune to visitors, some of them with less-than-good intentions. Also, despite common coastal fog there often, sunshine does get through and over extended periods of time the sun’s rays cause damage to properties. If your Rustic Canyon structure is old, think about the drying of hardwood floors or carpets by the sun. While Rustic Canyons are popular and sell for good prices[LINK], many residents want to keep their homes and therefore protective measures like window films are a good idea.

Reject Damaging UV Rays and Reduce Glare

Bordered roughly by Sunset and Chautaqua boulevards and lower Santa Monica Canyon and Amalfi and Mesa drives, Rustic Canyon and neighboring Pacific Palisades must deal with the sun. Aside from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays (UV rays), which are known to cause skin cancer in humans, these rays can cause glare and vision problems that are easily addressed with quality window tint film. Modern window films carry glare-reduction figures that are easy to identify by experienced window film installation professionals like us, who can ascertain your needs and desires and make recommendations. Some window films are even invisible, lacking tint shading but still providing plenty of UV protection.

Reinforce Your Home’s Weakest Entry Points: Windows

With 5,000-plus square-foot homes and values into seven figures, Rustic Canyon is an attractive place to live – and protect. Investing in residential window film for all those windows means protecting privacy along with the easiest entry points to properties. Security window film in Rustic Canyon means reinforcing all that glass, providing another obstacle to would-be burglars, and offering peace of mind that you, your family and visitors inside are safe from harmful sun rays.

Security Film

Increase your window strength with window film

UV Protection

Reduce glare and block harmful UV rays

UV Protection

Protect your floors/furniture from UV rays with window tint

Security Film

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