Security Window Film in Silver Triangle Area of Venice


“In Venice … this can mean all the difference in the world for comfort inside.”

The need for security window film in the Silver Triangle neighborhood of Venice is evident by just looking around. The area gets lots of visitors, and it would be difficult to keep an eye on all of them in case some feel a need to peer through your windows. Security window film can be appropriate for both residential and commercial applications, and done properly can serve as crime-deterring measures. Today’s quality window films come in a great range of window tint shades and even decorative window films that prevent clear vision inside your property, without impacting how well you can see inside-to-out. Plus, they look cool and can boost the overall value of a property.

Reject Heat and Improve Comfort inside Your Home

High-quality security window film in the Silver Triangle neighborhood can add an element of style to areas on a front façade, improving elements that otherwise would offer little more than light glare. A darker window film tint can provide a sleek, almost “European” look. Aside from the aesthetic boost, these window films provide quite a punch in terms of rejecting solar energy. Most modern window films reject more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays), plus a considerable amount of infra-red rays (IR rays) that also contributes to heating homes. In Venice as well as nearby communities like Marina del Rey or Santa Monica this can mean all the difference in the world for comfort inside.

Save a lot of Money, Too, with Security Window Film

The comfort provided by security window film in the Silver Triangle area of Venice extends to multiple areas. First, homeowners can save a considerable amount of money on electricity bills, because air conditioning units can be left off more often. Older homes in the Los Angeles region can tend to be leaky making them a challenge to keep properly cool especially during hot summer months. With high-quality window film applied to windows on older homes, the window tints do much of the work to prevent heat from developing in the first place. Consider it a one-time investment that can pay dividends for years to come.

Quality Window Films Built to Last

Quality window films from companies like Huper Optik or LLumar also are known to last. The durability of these modern window films, especially the ceramic-based versions, is impressive. They don’t fade or discolor over time like some inferior window films we see on cars all over the place in L.A. Who wants to replace the window film every three or so years? The nano-technology ceramic window films today are so effective in rejecting the sun’s harmful rays that a Huper Optik film was used to protect the pilots of a NASA Space Shuttle upon re-entry into the atmosphere.

Preserves Optical Clarity while Protecting your Skin and Eyes

What’s rather amazing with today’s window films is they provide that much protective quality while still maintaining strong optical clarity. Space shuttle pilots after all must be able to see clearly out of the windows, right? Same applies with applications to homes and cars. Newer films provide glare reduction and often actually make your vision better looking inside-to-out. Contact us soon to discuss which type of security window film might be most appropriate for your Silver Triangle property!

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