Security Window Film in Texas Tract, Simi Valley’s Fabled Neighborhood

“Adding security window film to Texas Tract homes seems to fall in line with the sentiment of the overall community.”

Think security window film and Texas Tract in east Simi Valley could come to mind. This relatively large housing subdivision is filled with homes built in the mid-1960s that feature a single dominant front window and plenty of other windows – each allowing passersby or no-gooders to peer inside. Texas Tract home owners are known to be private and public safety-conscious. Proactive crime-deterrent measures are common, and individual streets have been known to set up their own Neighborhood Watch program. Adding security window film to Texas Tract homes seems to fall in line with the sentiment of the overall community.

Thwart Potential Crimes before They Happen

Security window film for Texas Tract homes, or residences in nearby Simi Valley neighborhoods like the Illinois Tract or the Kadota Fig area, seems natural and innocuous to add to these structures to provide peace of mind and a slew of other benefits. All those windows on your Texas Tract home are openings for unwanted peering into the inside of your home. Adding a window film with a deeper tint shade, or even decorative window film with a frosted look, can thwart potential crimes before they start. Property owners are wise not to publicly display valuable items like clocks, antiques or jewelry.

Save Money Monthly on Electricity Bills

Then there’s the significant savings by applying a security window film on Texas Tract residences. Many of these homes still have old swamp coolers on their roof, and these equipment pieces are not only an eyesore on top of your home, they’re usually really old and don’t work very well. But new air conditioning systems can be expensive to run here in a desert climate. Quality window films like those made by Huper Optik or LLumar reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and a good portion of the heating infra-red rays (IR rays), keeping interiors cooler – and A/C units off.

Get Cooler and More Comfy with Quality Residential Window Film

Security window film in Texas Tract for instance could be ordered at a 30 percent tint shade, which means just that amount of light will penetrate into the interior. The added shade tint goes on top of the built-in UV protection and further protects what’s inside the house. Remember that prolonged exposure to sunlight is damaging to items like curtains, blinds, carpets and furniture. Have you paid careful attention to which parts of your Texas Tract homes are prone to “hot spots” each day? Most of these homes get significant solar energy from the east in the morning, and again for west-facing window before dusk. Add a window film, reduce glare and make life more comfortable inside your home.

Protect and Improve Your Property’s Value in Simi Valley

Texas Tract and its 4,300-plus residents is a mature neighborhood with an average age of 49. It’s dominated by owners – 87 percent owner-occupied – and they care about their homes, their neighborhood, the crime rate and maintaining property values. Fuss around uninvited among these blocks and you’re sure to get a greeting from local police. Residents still edgy about their safety can invest in security window film as a crime-deterring home improvement addition. On top of that, security window film comes in a wide range of shades and colors, to hopefully improve the exterior aesthetic appearance of the home. That can be crucial come re-sale time, to differentiate your Texas Tract home or others in Simi Valley.

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