Security Window Film in Tujunga, where the Sun Shines Brightly

“Residents here may notice that keeping homes or workplaces cool in the hotter months is a challenge.”

The neighborhood is dominated by a freeway, so security window film in Tujunga can be a priority for the thoughtful homeowner. Home protection in Tujunga is top-of-mind for owners of homes in this neighborhood of the Northeast Valley. With its neighboring community Sunland, these locales are wary of outsiders or unruly visitors. These neighborhoods along the Foothill Freeway (210) have pretty much run out of room to grow and expand city services like police patrols. With that in mind, Tujunga residents are wise to consider their own security measures for their homes and business properties.

Better than Relying on Air Conditioning System

The neighborhoods of Tujunga and Sunland often are linked due to their unique rather secluded setting along the highway, but each has distinctions. Broadly, both are located in a climate lacking much flow of winds and air so the sun can seem a constant enemy. This corner of the San Fernando Valley, which includes the city of San Fernando and Pacoima, gets plenty of sunshine and the limited breezes don’t help with cooling the insides of structures. Residents here may notice that keeping homes or workplaces cool in the hotter months is a challenge – an ongoing struggle that may require more than the air conditioning system.

Big Electricity Bill Savings with Window Film in Tujunga

Tujunga homeowners will notice the lower electricity bill numbers shortly after residential window film is installed on their home windows. More than 80 percent of heat that infiltrates a home structure can be reduced with this one-time home improvement investment. Today’s high-quality window films like those made by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that are known to damage our skin and even cause skin cancer. So adding a simple thin layer of film to your home’s windows does a world of good including reducing energy consumption and preventing long-term damage from sunlight.

Details about Security and Window Film

Back to what you can get from security window film in Tujunga and nearby locales, think about the solitude of the area nestled against those big mountains. Thousands of cars roll by each day on the 210 freeway, and among them is a potential culprit. Homes near freeway off-ramps especially are prone to break-ins by do-badders who want quick getaways. Don’t give them a glimpse of what they might get by adding window film with a deep tint shade or even a decorative film like a frosted window tint. Then people on the street or sidewalk can’t see clearly into your property. It’s a deterrent to thoughts about breaking in.

Strengthen the Weakest Point in a Home’s Defense

Tujunga with its almost 30,000 residents is about twice the size of neighboring Sunland, and together they create a subregion with lots of homes – many with security-improvement needs. Owners of these properties appreciate their proximity to Los Angeles yet respect their separation from it. Relying on police services for home protection is a gamble, not because of fine law enforcement efforts but because of how spread out the area is. For true home security in Tujunga, take it upon yourself for peace of mind about your home security. Security window film in Tujunga is a strong improvement to the weakest point in a home’s exterior defense: the thin glass of windows.

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