Security Window Film in Villa Park – ‘The Hidden Jewel

You can never be totally safe – even in this O.C. haven

Security window film in Village Park might not be atop the home accessories wish list. Called “The Hidden Jewel,” this city with a population around 6,000 residents is the smallest municipality in Orange County. Basically it features newer homes and affluent, think-ahead homeowners. Which is why you would imagine that security window film would be popular in Villa Park and nearby cities like Anaheim and Anaheim Hills. Being too secure just because of your surroundings is asking for trouble. Savvy homeowners take extra steps for precaution just in case.

We Love Our Sunshine; but Too Much is Perilous

Village Park is the hometown of actor Kevin Costner, as well as former and current Major League Baseball players Bert Blyleven, Aaron Boone, Freddie Freeman and Mark Trumbo. (Likewise with the author of “The Vampire Diaries”). Homes there are new compared with almost any community in the region. They also are typically large with multiple, good-sized windows. Southern Californians love their sun and their homes were built to let it in. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can hurt you, and your property. Leaving all that glass unimproved and the result can be harm to yourself, persons inside your home, and your home and interior items.

Security Tint: Address the Weakest Point of Your Home’s Defense

A security window film in Villa Park addresses the weakest (and least secure) point of a home. Potential culprits or just vandals out on the night can simply break the pane and enter. Security window films are also known as “safety window films” – because not only do they deter people from entering, if the glass is somehow impacted they protect those on the other side. Security window films usually do not fall off the frame during impact; the film holds it all on in big pieces if there is breakage. So culprits have no quick entry. On the other side there are no flying shards of glass, protecting humans and pets.

Add a Crime-Deterrent Element to Protect Your Home

Window treatments by Window Tint LA can strengthen windows dramatically, offering reinforcement to make them nearly un-penetrable. The security of holding cracked glass pieces in place can be invaluable – that can either scare a burglar away, or at least slow it down so someone nearby might hear the commotion. Villa Park is a very quiet community, so this type of deterrent can be effective. On top of the security and safety benefits, residential window tint provides a myriad of other benefits including protection from the sun’s harmful rays and additional privacy.

More Benefits to a Security Tint in Villa Park

Other pros to adding security tint in Villa Park homes include protection of hardwood floors, carpets, drapes and furniture from fading or drying to the point of replacement. The sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are known to cause skin cancer in humans and certainly are powerful enough to dry and damage anything else given long-term exposure. Window tint films also strengthen windows in case of strong winds, like those we get each fall when the Santa Ana winds kick in. Finally, there’s the “cool” factor. Put a nicely shaded or decorative film on your home’s windows and boost the “wow” factor to those passing by.

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