Window Tint Installed in Altadena Home to Reduce Heat

When the owners of this beautiful Altadena home called concerned about the heat they were feeling in their home, we were happy to help. One of our consultants went out to the location to meet with the owners and provide them with a completely free consultation. We brought them film samples, measured the windows, answered their questions and provided them with a quote on spot.

The owners chose to install Huper Optik Select Sech Film inside their home. This is one of the world’s highest preforming non-reflective window films.. It is made with precious metals that have a natural tones to allow maximum light but reject maximum heat. The Select Sech Film will block out 83% of infrared heat and 99.9% of UV rays. Huper Optik Films include a lifetime residential warranty covering the film and installation.

heat reduction in a bedroom

Select Sech installed to Reduce Heat in the bedroom

Home Window Tinting in Altadena, CA

Home Window Tinting in Altadena, CA

Window tint for home in Altadena California

Home Window Tint – Altadena, CA

Window tint installed to living room to reduce heat

Select Sech Film