Shower Door Privacy Film

Having a frameless shower can open up a room however; it can also make you feel vulnerable. There are many ways in which you can add glamor and elegance to a bathroom without having to compromise your privacy.

Our client has a beautiful home in Manhattan Beach. She wanted to add more privacy to her bathroom. We added Huper Optik Frost to block visibility in or out while still allowing 73% of natural light to come through.

The picture below is one of the many ways in which frosted film can be used.

Frosted Film

Frosted film was applied to this frameless shower.

If you want more of a decorative piece, there are many styles to choose from. You can make any glass piece pop with a unique film design. Window Tint LA offers a great variety of films to choose from. Whether you want an opaque frost, a dusted frost or something with a design, such as; stripes, dots, waves, ect., we have you covered!

These are some of the many frosted doors that we have completed….

Dusted Crystal Finish

After Pic of Decorative Frost

Frosted Film

Frosted window film allows light to pass freely while still offering plenty of privacy. Sharing light enhances the sense of space.

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