Skylight Heat Blocker

Most homeowners love skylights. They add plenty of light in rooms, and can brighten the darkest of days. Many people do not realize the “dark side” of installing skylights. These roof windows can cause costly repairs due to moisture problems, increased energy bills, and rooms that are unbearable during the warmer months of the year.

Various window film manufacturers are aware of the challenges skylights present to homeowners, and have designed window films to help solve these problems. HanitaTek offers solar films, which have been developed for exterior installation. The exterior application allows the film to reject the solar energy on the outside, while keeping the inside of your home cool. This reduces the energy that penetrates inside more effectively than an interior film. After installation, you will notice lower energy bills and a cooler interior during warmer months of the year.

We installed HanitaTek exterior film for this Los Angeles home. Our client wanted to protect their valuables from the damage that UV rays cause. They also wanted to reduce the heat and glare that they received from the skylights. After surveying the skylight, our consultant recommended the best film to suit our client’s needs.

At Window Tint LA we offer a wide variety of window films.Call to schedule your free consultation today! We will stop by measure your windows, provide you with film samples that will be yours to keep, answer your questions, and provide an estimate on the spot! Call today, we would love to help you with your window film needs.

skylight heat loss

View of skylight before professional installation

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Close up of skylight before installation

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Window film installed to reduce heat

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Close up of film after installation