Skylight Window Tinting Bel Air

Skylights are nice feature in any home. They allow natural light inside and can give the room a special glow. However, having skylights can also cause issues like added heat, more glare, and UV damage. To solve the problem skylights can cause, you can install window tint. Even though adding tint to your skylights can prevent these issues, your skylights will still allow natural light inside and will not take away from that special glow. Installing window tint to your skylights can reduce the amount of heat you feel inside your home. It will also reduce hot spots from where the sun is shinning down through the skylights. Glare reduction is another positive aspect of adding tint to your skylights. It can reduce the amount of glare by controlling the light source and filtering it before it reflects off a surface. In addition to reducing heat and glare, film on skylights can block out 99.9% of UV rays which are responsible for the damaging/fading of floors, furniture, paintings, etc.

If you want to solve the issues your skylights are causing we are happy to help. Window Tint LA offers completely free consultations. We come out to you. We will measure your skylights/windows to see the scope of the work, bring you  film samples, and offer you a proposal for the job right on the spot! You can call us at (310) 935- 1748 to schedule your free consultation today or click here to Schedule a Free Consultation.

Window tint installed to skylights in this Bel Air home

Skylight window tinting

Window tint installed to skylights to reduce glare

Skylight window tinting Bel Air

Installing Window Film to Skylights in Bel Air

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tinting skylights to reduce heat

Our installer applying the window film to skylights

Window tinting film installed on skylights

Skylight window tinting reduces heat and glare