Skylight Window Tinting in Glendale, CA 91208

Skylights can be a great source of light for a home but can also allow a lot of heat and glare to enter a home. They can also be responsibility for the fading of floors, furniture and the UV rays can be harmful to your skin. Below is an after photo of Huper Optik Fusion % window tint installed on skylights in Glendale by Window Tint LA.

Skylight Window Tinting for Skylights in Glendale, California

Skylight Window Tinting for Skylights in Glendale, California

Window Tint in Glendale installed on skylights can solve all of the mentioned uncomfortable issues.

By blocking 99.9% of all UV rays coming through the skylights, your floors, furniture and skin are protected. Window Film such as Huper Optik’s Fusion 10% blocks 77% of total solar energy and reduce glare by 88%. Glare can make working on a computer, watching TV or even just being in the room uncomfortable. Window tint does not have make your home dark. Window films can be virtual clear all the way to as dark as the glass type allows and every shade in between. The most common VLT for residential and commercial window films range from 10% – 85%.

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