Solar Panels and Sunny Los Angeles: A Great Team Working for Your Home

At present, there are fewer than a million homes in America with solar panels on their roofs. That means tens of millions of residences paying the power company for each and every watt their home consumes. The installation of solar panels can not only reduce the amount of power you need to buy from a provider, it can in some cases eliminate your electric bills entirely. In fact, solar panels might even make you money by selling energy back to the grid when your home produces more than it needs.

The catch is that not all areas of America get the same amount of sunshine. If every square mile of the country saw as many bright, sunny days as Los Angeles, California, for example, then more people would have solar panels, right? Maybe… but maybe not. Even in Los Angeles residential solar panels are not as common as you might think. The main reason for that is a simple lack of awareness and some misconceptions about costs. Many Americans think of solar panels as an expensive way to produce a bit of extra power and to be more eco-friendly. As far as the latter point, indeed solar energy can greatly reduce your carbon footprint in a marked way – residential solar panels are not some mere “feel good” nod to greener living, they can greatly reduce carbon emissions caused by your home.

And when it comes to costs, far from being an expensive luxury that may help you save a bit of cash, in the long run, home solar energy systems can be quite affordable to install and can pay for themselves in short order. That’s especially true in a place like Los Angeles where the sun shines down most days out of the year. Why not put some of that sunshine to work? After all, it’s going to fall on your roof anyway!

Let’s talk about the costs associated with residential solar electric systems. The costs of installing a residential solar system are usually in the neighborhood or $10,000 to $12,000. But there are myriad credits and tax breaks offered at the federal, state, and local levels that can greatly reduce the actual cost of a solar panel system. The government wants you to use clean, renewable energy and will incentivize you enough to where you may pay closer to $8,000 in total cost. Of course, those savings are not available in all areas and are subject to change, but even a full cost system is still a good investment: the average residential solar panel system in Los Angeles can generate enough electricity to almost entirely negate a home’s need for power from an electric company.

A quality solar system should last for at least 25 years; keep that in mind as we discuss some of the specifics here. Assuming the home uses approximately the national average of around 3,000 kilowatt-hours per year, and with an average LA-area electric bill of $1,300 per year, you will pay around $34,500 over the next quarter century to power your Los Angeles home. That is approximately quadruple the cost of putting solar panels on your home’s roof.

And by the way, the installation process is quite simple and the panels are entirely unobtrusive. Your entire system will consist of the solar panels on your roof, wiring down to a compact converter box (solar energy is collected in direct current, or DC fashion, and must be converted to alternating current, or AC, before your home can use it), and then hooked into your home’s electrical wiring. Any additional power you need, say on one of the rare rainy days in Los Angeles (solar panels do collect energy through rain, fog, and clouds, but not nearly as much), you can still draw from the grid and pay for; on days where your panels produce more energy than you use, you may well get paid by the electric company as you dump the watts out onto the grid.

Solar panels not only save you money, they make you money by covering their installation costs over time and by generating cash when they generate excess power. The best thing you can do beyond installing solar panels is to not stop there: make your home, even more, energy efficient and eco-friendly by next turning to the windows.

In Los Angeles residential window tint is as wise an investment as solar panels. High-quality window films block much of the sun’s hot infrared rays, and it is IR (infrared) sunlight that heats up interior spaces when it pours through the untreated glass, leading to the need for air conditioning and fans for climate control. HVAC costs are often the highest component of an electric bill, so if you can reduce your reliance on the air conditioning thanks to window tint, you can reduce your overall living expenses greatly. Once your house has solar panels and window tint, you’ll want the Los Angeles sun to shine bright all day knowing it is making your energy through your solar panels without heating up your home thanks to window film.

Keep in mind that window film also blocks the ultraviolet light that can fade your flooring and furnishings and even damage your skin, so that’s another bonus. You can also opt for security and privacy window films that can make your windows highly resistant to shattering and that can block the view into your home without restricting your view out. All in all, window film and solar panels are home improvements that go hand in hand: they both start working for you the same day their installation is complete, and they both pay for themselves over and over as time goes by.

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