Stop Fading Floors and Furniture with Window Film!

Have you ever moved a rug or piece of furniture in your home to find that your beautiful hardwood floor is faded? Have you ever noticed that your furniture that gets direct sunlight is discolored? Perhaps the colors on your expensive artwork have begun to fade? You ever wonder what causes this to happen?

The reason your furniture, artwork, and floors fade is because of sun exposure. Color deterioration is the result of three main things: ultra violet light, visible light, and infrared light. Studies show ultra violet light makes up 40% of the cause, visible light is 25%, infrared light is 25%, and miscellaneous things such as interior lighting, humidity, and the quality of your belongings make up the additional 10%.

While window film cannot completely stop fading, it can significantly slow down the fading process. At Window Tint La, we recommend Huper Optik window films, which are the best on the market. These films offer the highest quality factors in reducing fading while allowing you to maintain a natural view in and out of your windows. All the films that we carry, block 99.9% of ultra violent rays. After installation, your window film will absorb and reflect solar heat, light, and radiation to prolong the life of your valuables.

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Window film installed to prevent fading of wood floors

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Reduce solar heat with window film

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Window films are available in various different colors from dark to virtually clear!

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