Stop Fading of Floors and Furniture

Prevent the Sun Fading Your Redondo Beach Home’s Floors and Furniture!

It’s called “photochemical reactivity,” and it’s not a pretty sight!

What does photochemical reactivity look like? It looks like faded, bleached, or discolored hardwood floors. It looks like washed out artwork, photographs, or documents hanging on your walls. It looks like sun-damaged furniture that’s lost its rich, vibrant coloring.

And it’s all the fault of the sunshine. You love how Redondo Beach has hundreds of sunny days each year, and of course you should: people flock to this lovely Southern California community to be close to the beach, to have a beautiful home, and to bask in the sun. But whereas you can choose to put on sunblock, cover up with clothing, or find some shade, when your windows are open, every piece of furniture and every inch of flooring a sunbeam touches is slowly being damaged by ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light rays.

You don’t choose to call Redondo Beach home because you want to live behind closed shutters and drawn drapes, right? Then you need to be able to enjoy the sun while also keeping your home safe. That means you need window film!

Solar controlling window film can block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing the fading of your home’s interior. (They work perfectly for businesses, dining establishments, and retail facilities too, of course!) Those same rays can present a health hazard to your, your family, and your pets, so blocking them has the added benefit of making your residence safer for those within. These same window tinting treatments can also reject heat by blocking a great percentage of infrared sunlight, keeping things cooler, too.

Many people worry that if they choose window tint for their Redondo Beach home, they will compromise their view out into their lovely community or out over the Pacific Ocean. With older window film that might have been true; modern window tint films, however, maintain a crystal clear view out through your windows, and they feature low reflectivity properties so that even at night your windows will afford a perfect view out.

If you want to prevent the sun from discoloring your hardwood floors, bleaching or discoloring your carpets, fading your artwork and furnishings, and potentially even damaging your skin, the choice is crystal clear: call up the team from and get your home’s windows tinted today!