Stop Turf Burning and Discoloring With Window Film

Turf is well known for its lush covering that softens the ground for playgrounds and sports events. Many homeowners install turf at their home to enhance the appearance of their lawn. If installed properly, turf can help prevent flooding and prevent erosion during heavy rains. In addition, in warmer climates it can help cool the ground and nearby areas, which reduces the use of electric cooling.

Although turf has many benefits, many people may not know that the sun can damage turf. When sunlight is reflected and magnified off reflective glass, like the windows of your home, the sunlight strikes the turf and can cause it to melt. This damages the turf and often times it has to be replaced. Turf guard window film will prevent this from happening. The window film reduces the glare that reflects off nearby windows.

We offer two film styles. Both selections are applied to the outside of your window.The first option is our most common. This is a screen film. The film does not block visibility, its similar to looking in and out of a bug screen. The film is available in white, silver, and black with silver being the most popular.

The second option is a matte frost film. This film is best in settings where visibility is not essential. The film blocks visibility when looking in and out of the window. This option provides total privacy, heat reduction, UV protection, and glare reduction all while still allowing up to 73% of natural light in your space.

Samples are available for both film options. We offer free consultations. We will measure your glass, provide samples that are yours to keep, answer your questions, and provide you a quote! Call today to schedule your free consultation!

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Protect your turf with window film

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View of second story windows after turf guard has been installed

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Turf guard window film installed to prevent discoloring of turf

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Window film installed to protect turf in beautiful Los Amgeles home