Store Front Decorative Frost Window Film For Privacy

This client wanted a decorative frost film for their store front windows in Pasadena.  Frosted Window Film is used for Conference Rooms,offices,Lobbies, Retail Environments, Residential Settings, Private Offices, Glass Partitions, and wherever there is a need for Decorative Privacy. The applications are endless with adding aesthetic appeal to any and all glass surfaces

Decorative & Frost Film gives you the ability to add privacy and style to your doors and windows, without sacrificing the natural light in your space. Decorative film also allows you to achieve privacy while creating custom patterns, which range from simple stripes to detailed company logos. Unlike costly etched glass, decorative films are not permanent and will not damage your glass.

All the films we carry include a lifetime residential and 15 year commercial warranty.

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We only install the highest quality Privacy Frost and Decorative window film. LA Window Tint Specialists’ mission is to gain and maintain clients for life by providing them with superior window films, installations, and service.

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Frost is clear translucent, high grade embossed vinyl film. Simulates shiny sand blasted glass. Ideal for obscuring direct visibility while allowing excellent light transmission.

Pasadena Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Frosted window film increases privacy by obscuring the vision of those on the outside, which results in comfort for all household members. For those homes in busy Los Angeles traffic areas, others are less likely to see private daily routines. Privacy Films are also a great solution for our celebrity clients trying to ward off paparazzi. Privacy frost film will create privacy for your home without compromising design.

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Frost Film protects furniture and art.  Decorative Frost Film also blocks 99% of ultra-violet rays, which results in a safer environment. Not only will decorative frosted window film protect people from harmful rays, it will also protect home furnishings, such as couches and chairs. Interior furniture will not fade from bright light.

Pasadena Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Send us your company logo and we can custom cut frost for your office. We specialize in creating and installing custom frost for offices, conference rooms, and retail stores.