Commercial Window Film Removal of 3M Reflective 30 and Installation of Huper Optik Fusion 20

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Window Film can increase comfort in your office building, add shatter resistance for increased safety, reduce heating and cooling energy costs, help reduce fading on interior furnishings, and enhance building exterior appearance.

K1 Packaging Group hired Window Tint LA to remove the old deteriorated 3m window film and install our Huper Optik Series Fusion 20% which comes with a 15  year warranty.

The 40 foot high windows required us to use 3 layers of scaffolding. Our mobile scaffolding allows us to articulate around stairs and reach windows were a ladder can not reach safely.

We use stainless steal blades to ensure that the glass does not get scratched during the removal process. At the K1 Packaging Group we removed and installed 2000 square feet of window film allowing them to improve energy costs and maintain comfort in the work environment.

Benefit of Huper Optik over 3m Window Film

One of the many benefits of using Huper Optik for your commercial window film applications is their 15 year warranty compared to the standard 10 year commercial warranty other manufacturers offer.

commercial window film fusion 20 huper optik

2000 square foot removal of 3m window film and replaced with Huper Optik Fusion 20% reflective window film which includes 15 year warranty.

window film removal los angeles

Our Huper Optik Fusion series of window film is dual reflective which gives you the benefit of privacy from people looking in while maintaining natural views looking out. Fusion Series Film blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Up to 77% heat rejection. 15 Year Commercial Warranty. Removal is available if you have existing window film that has deteriorate over time such as the 3m reflective 30 film that was removed from K1 Packaging Group.