Burbank Home Window Tinting with Drei 35% Huper Optik

We provide home window tinting in Burbank, California as well as commercial window tinting. Below is a Burbank home we installed Huper Optik Drei 35% which is the highest performing non-reflective window film in the world.

Burbank Home Window Tinting

Huper Optik Ceramic window film applied to this Burbank California home by Window Tint LA

Huper Optik Drei 35% is a compeltely dye free window film which means you’ll retain a natural view out and in, without the possibility of a blue shift which can happen when a dye’d film is used.

Home Window Tinting in Burbank, California

Residential & Commercial Window Film installation in Burbank, California

Drei 35% is the highest non-reflective window film and provides 98% infrared heat rejection. Infrared Radiation is a portion of the solar spectrum runs from approximately 780 nm to 2,500 nm and carries about 49% of the solar energy – just under half of the total solar energy. It accounts for 53% of the heat from the sun! Technically, radiation beyond 2,500 nm is also infrared, but this “long wave” radiation is a very small portion of the total solar energy, and is mostly associated with radiation from room temperature and warm objects. It is widely accepted that the NIR radiation is 780 nm to 2500 nm, meaning the entire NIR “band” is 1,720 nm wide.

Burbank Window Tint Home Residential Commercial

Home Window Tinting can provide Burbank homeowners with 99.9% Ultra Violet Ray protection which will protect floors, furniture, window covers and more.

Burbank Window Tint Home Residential

Residential window tinting in Burbank, California by Window Tint LA with Huper Optik Ceramic window film.

Burbank Home Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting in Burbank, California by Window Tint LA

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