Home Window Tinting Calabasas, CA 91302

Window Tint LA provides commercial and residential window tinting for all of Los Angeles County and surrounding areas such as Calabasas California.

We were called out to this Home Window Tint Calabasas home because the homeowner wanted a window film that would increase privacy from anyone looking in. Huper Optik Fusion 10% reflective privacy window film was the window film for choice for this Calabasas home.

Home Window Tinting by Window Tint LA

Home Window Tinting by Window Tint LA

We provide home window tinting and commercial window tinting in Calabasas for homeowner and business owners looking to increase privacy, reduce heat, reduce glare, and block 99.9% UV Rays which is the largest contributor to window treatments, furniture and floors fading.

Home Window Tint for Privacy Calabasas 91302

Home Window Tint for Privacy Calabasas 91302

Window Tint for Home in Calabasas, California

Privacy Window Tint for Home in Calabasas, California

Huper Optik’s Nano Ceramic window film is the only dye free and metal free film on the market. Other films claim to be ceramic however they are not a full ceramic as they contain metal and dyes as well.

Dye in window film is what can break down over time causing the purple window tint look you see sometimes on cars and homes. The residential and commercial window films we provide will not turn purple. The reason for films to turn purple is the dye in the window film is made up of 3 colors … blue, red, and yellow. The yellow is the least stable of the colors meaning it is the first to fade away. As the yellow disappears you are left with the blue and red, hence the purple color of old window film.

Huper Optik’s Dye Free and Metal Free ceramics have absolutely no dyes in them meaning they will never turn purple and will not fade over time like window film with dye in it would. Included is a Lifetime Residential Window Film warranty and a 15 Year Commercial Window Film warranty which covers both the film itself as well as the installation. This is because Huper Optik’s films are lifetime product and not something you’ll need to remove and replace in just a few years. If there ever is an issue, Window Tint LA will come out and will rectify it immediately. We’ll handle the warranty claim to makes sure the process is as simple and smooth as possible. We stand behind our work, 100% of the time.

Residential Window Tinting - Calabasas

Residential Window Tinting – Calabasas

Home Window Tinting for Privacy

Huper Optik’s Fusion is the best choice for homes and businesses wanting window film to increase privacy as well as reduce the heat. Huper Optik’s Fusion will provide a natural view out from the inside, yet provide reflective privacy from anyone on the outside looking in during the day. Huper Optik’s Fusion 10% provides 99.9% UV Ray Rejection as well as 77% Total Solar Energy Rejected and 88% Glare Reduction.

We give completely free home window film consultations as well as commercial window tinting consultations and service all of Los Angeles including Calabasas, Pacific Palisades, Malibu and more. Open 7 days a week, call (310) 935-1748