Home Window Tinting in Santa Monica with Klar 85% Huper Optik Clear Ceramic Film

This homeowner decided to go with Hüper Optik® Clear Ceramic series because of the excellent optical clarity and visibility the film offers. Utilizing nano-deposition technology to achieve a high performance solar control film with high Visible Light Transmission. It also means the window films are able to reject more Infra-Red Heat than most solar control films that are of similar visible light transmission in the market making them an obvious choice by many homeowners.

Tinted windows guard against injuries from broken glass. Accidents, heavy rain and earthquake damage may cause untreated glass to break into many pieces, some so small they go undetected. Window film adds a layer of strength to glass, holding it in place in case of damage.  A tinted window is harder to break, and acts as a barrier against intruders. Thick security window film offers extra protection against strong winds and natural disasters.