Storefront Window Tinting in Culver City CA – Commercial Window Film

This storefront’s existing window film needed to be removed and replaced. Removal was done with stainless steal blades and one direction swipe to ensure no scratches to the glass. Once all the glass was clean applied Huper Optik Reflective Fusion 10% Privacy Window Film which includes a 15 year commercial warranty on both the film and labor.

Storefront Window Tinting in Culver City CA - Commercial Window Film

Storefront Window Tinting in Culver City CA – Commercial Window Film

Call for a free commercial window tinting or residential window tinting consultation. We service Culver City as well as all of Los Angeles and Orange County.

White Out Privacy Window Film Installed at Northridge Mall

White out total privacy window film installed at the new Cotton on Kids store in the Northridge Fashion Mall. We provide commercial and residential window film services for Northridge California as well as all of Los Angeles and Orange County. Call today for a completely free window film consultation for your home or business.

commercial window tint whiteout film Los Angeles

Whiteout Window Film Installed at Northridge Fashion Center in Northridge, California

commercial window tint whiteout film

White Out Total Privacy Window Film installed at the Cotton On KIDS in the Northridge Fashion Mall

Commercial Frost Window Film Installation in Santa Monica, California

Frosted window film is a great way to increase privacy and reduce energy costs in both commercial and residential window tint applications. Below is the before/afters from a frost window film installation Window Tint LA completed in Santa Monica, California.

Home Window Tinting in West Hollywood

Santa Monica Commercial Window Tint Film – Los Angeles

The installation of frost window film is a great way to change the aesthetics of a storefront, whether for decorative purposes, solar ray and heat rejection, and or privacy. Frost window film can be applied for significantly less than replacing the glass. [/caption]

frosted window film installation los angeles

The above picture shows the store front windows with the frost window film applied. It looks like a completely different commercial space than without the window film installed.

frost window tinting los angeles

Our frost window film installations come with a 15-year commercial warranty or a lifetime residential warranty. We offer completely free consultations … give us a call today.

frosted window window tint after office

The frosted window film completely transforms the look of the doors and provides the privacy the owners desired. Most home and small commercial applications can be done in just a few hours. We are open 7 days a week and cater to after hour and weekend window film installations when necessary.

Traditional Bronze 25% + 4 mil Security Window Film in Los Angeles CA 90069

We recently installed Huper Optik Traditional 25% window film and 4 mil Security Window Film to 103 square feet of glass at a store in Los Angeles. Hüper Optik Traditional series films provide energy-saving performance for commercial consumers looking for reflective film properties. The 4 mil safety & security window film is specially designed to hold glass together in the event of breakage and can literally save lives.

safety security window tint los angeles

Windows are a buildings weakest point of entry for intruders. We have the best solution to this problem. Our film is so strong it can comletely hold up to whatever a criminal can throw at it. Our super strong anchoring system physically bonds the film and glass to the window frame.

safety security window film los angeles

The 4 mil security window film will help prevent property damage caused by vandalism, earthquakes and other natural disasters and explosions. Security window film will also prevent injuries from broken or flying glass. This is because it is specially bonded to the windows to help keep them intact should someone or something break through them.

Call us for a completely free consultation where we can show you the films and answer any questions you may have. We provide commercial window tinting and residential window tinting throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding cities.

Commercial Window Film Application to Glass Atrium Ceiling in Beverly Hills Office Building

We were called out to this Beverly Hills office building to apply a matching window film on the new glass that was being installed. We had the luxury of applying the window film before the glass was installed on the high atrium ceiling. Huper Optik Traditional Silver 18% window film was the perfect match. The film comes with a 15 year commercial warranty.

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newly tinted commercial glass

The newly tinted glass which will be installed in a Beverly Hills commercial building atrium ceiling.

old atrium ceiling glass panel removed commercial window tinting

The old glass has been removed and the new commercial window tinted glass is ready to be put in place in this Beverly Hills office building.

new glass panel installed room of commercial building

Newly tinted glass being set in place on this Beverly Hills commercial building.

Decorative Frost & Ceramic 50 Window Film Applied to 7-11 in Los Angeles

At this 7-11 location we applied Huper Optik’s Ceramic 50. Huper Ceramic 50 is a great film to block heat, when applied to glass it acts as a shield against heat, glare, and UV light. Additionally, we added Frost to the bottom glass to block visibility and enhance the look. Frost is an excellent choice when trying to block visibility, it gives you privacy while still allowing natural light to flow through the space.

Huper Optik Ceramic 50 specs

UV Light Rejection | 99.9%

Infrared Rejection | 68%

Total Solar Energy Rejected | 50%

Galre Reduction  | 45%





Store Front Window Tinting

7-11 Store Front – Commercial Window Tinting my Window Tint LA




Reflective Store Window Film Company

7-11 with Ceramic 50 and decorative frost window film installed by Window Tint LA


huper optik window film los angeles

Huper Optik Ceramic 50 Window Film


Ceramic 50 Commercial Window Film

Store Front of a 7-11 in Los Angeles, getting Huper Optik ceramic 50 window film as well as decorative frost.


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