Keep Your Privacy and Stay Stylish with Frost Film!

Some people would like to add 24 hour privacy to their space without compromising the look. If you’re one of those people, frost may be the choice for you! Frost window films are the one of only options on the market that provide you with privacy all day and night. There are other privacy films available but it is based on the strongest source of light. So during the day you can see out and others cant see in, however, at night when the lights are on in your house you will be visible. There are also black/white out options that provide 24 hour privacy but they aren’t the most attractive to some, especially for the home. Frost films provide you with the best of both worlds!

Our client here decided to go with the HuperOptik Dusted Crystal option. This gives them some privacy from people walking on the street for their outside seating area. It’s a smart choice that improves the look of their modern home.

huper optik dusted crystal

Frost film for a modern home

frost privacy film

Providing privacy to their outside seating area

Frost privacy film

Complete privacy for ground level seating

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Frost Window Film Installed on Skylights in Santa Monica, California

White Architectural Privacy Frost Window Film installed on skylights in Santa Monica, California residence.

Included is a lifetime residential warranty

Installation by Window Tint LA

We provide window film installation and removal for all of Los Angeles and surrounding counties and provide completely free consultations. (310) 935-1748

Frost Window Film Skylight in Santa Monica CA 90403

Frost Window Film Skylight in Santa Monica CA 90403

frost privacy window film santa monica, ca

Frost Window Film Skylight installed in Santa Monica California. The frosted privacy film is applied from the inside.

Architectural Frost Window Film in Santa Monica, CA

Commercial window film installation in Santa Monica, CA 90403

Material used: Frost Window Film

Main Entrance (top height 22′) Top 12 Panels

We provide architectural frost window film installations as well as a range of solar, security and decorative films for your home or business. Call us for a free consultation. We provide window film installation service in Santa Monica, all of Los Angeles and into Orange County and San Diego California.

Frosted Window Film Commercial Los Angeles

Frosted Window Film Commercial Los Angeles

Santa Monica Commercial Window Tinting

Santa Monica Commercial Window Tinting

Window Film Santa Monica California

Window Film Santa Monica California

Architectural Frost Film Installed at De La Rosa & Co. in Los Angeles, CA

Window Tint LA applies 295 sqft of white frosted window film to De La Rosa & Co’s Los Angeles, California office. The purpose of the film was to maintain privacy in the offices and conference rooms. Frost privacy film is a great alternative to etched glass and frost film can be removed which is another added benefit.

frost window film los angeles

We installed 295 square feet of frost window film in De La Rosa & Co.’s office in Los Angeles, California. Frosted window film is a cost effective and convenient way to add privacy without the costly expense of replacing the glass. Frost window film comes with a 15 year commercial warranty or a lifetime residential warranty.

Privacy Window Film for Offices or Homes

Huper Optik nano-ceramic window film offers high infra-red rejection, up to 98% as well as 99.9% ultra-violet rays. Potential home energy savings of up to 30% on electric bill can be realized after the installation of window film on your home and a return on your investment within 1.5 years. Huper Optik’s patented multi-layered system is completely dye-free and metal-free. Huper Optik has the only patent on the technology which means no other manufacturer offers a completely dye-free and metal-free product. Residential window film installations includes a lifetime residential warranty.

architectural frost window film

Huper Optic’s Dekorativ series frost window film up to 80″ wide which means we can install frost film on virtually all windows without a seam. Frosted window film obscures visibility from the inside and outside, providing maximum privacy while still allowing natural light to pass through.

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We install frosted window film, solar UV film, privacy film and more for both residential and commercial applications throughout all of Southern California. Call us 7 days a week to schedule a completely free window film consultation. We’ll come out to your home or business with samples of the film options, take measurements of windows / glass, and answer all of your questions. Whether you’re in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, Culver City, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, the valley, Burbank, Glendale, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Venice Beach, we’re ready to service your home or business. Call us today! (310) 935-1748

Commercial Frost Window Film Installation in Santa Monica, California

Frosted window film is a great way to increase privacy and reduce energy costs in both commercial and residential window tint applications. Below is the before/afters from a frost window film installation Window Tint LA completed in Santa Monica, California.

Home Window Tinting in West Hollywood

Santa Monica Commercial Window Tint Film – Los Angeles

The installation of frost window film is a great way to change the aesthetics of a storefront, whether for decorative purposes, solar ray and heat rejection, and or privacy. Frost window film can be applied for significantly less than replacing the glass. [/caption]

frosted window film installation los angeles

The above picture shows the store front windows with the frost window film applied. It looks like a completely different commercial space than without the window film installed.

frost window tinting los angeles

Our frost window film installations come with a 15-year commercial warranty or a lifetime residential warranty. We offer completely free consultations … give us a call today.

frosted window window tint after office

The frosted window film completely transforms the look of the doors and provides the privacy the owners desired. Most home and small commercial applications can be done in just a few hours. We are open 7 days a week and cater to after hour and weekend window film installations when necessary.