Frosted Window Film Installed for Increased Privacy in Santa Monica, CA

Frost window film is very popular for both residential and commercial applications because it is such an affordable alternative to replacing the glass. Frosted window film can go on in minutes, providing instant privacy and as well as glare reduction from the sun.

frosted window film

The window film is being hand trimmed to perfection. Most home window film applications can be done in one day, often times taking just a few hours.

Frost window film obscures the view in completely, keeping wandering outside eyes from peering into your home. It’s a great alternative or addition to brings in congested or high traffic areas.

frosted window film

The frosted window film will keep the glare off of the TV making for a truly pleasurable viewing experience. Frosted window film can also protect your furniture, floors, painting and skin from harmful UV rays

Frosted window film is also often used in commercial applications for privacy, to block vision into an office, or the kitchen, stock room, etc. Frosted window film is an quick, easy, and cost effective way to completely transform the windows and doors in a room.

frosted window film los angeles

Frosted window film comes with a lifetime residential warranty, both by us as well as backed by the manufacturer so you can be sure window film will be an investment into your home you only have to make once and will last you a lifetime. The warranty is transferable if you decide to sell your home.

frosted window film los angeles

The frosted window film is being applied to this door. Once in place, the film will be trimmed to perfection to ensure absolutely no light gaps between the edge of the film and the frame of the doors.

privacy window film frosted

The frosted window film give these glass doors a completely updated, modern look. The window film will make for comfortable mornings waking up without the sun overwhelming the room.

Window film for French Door in home

Like many homes in Los Angeles, the side of this home is very close to the neighboring home, with windows looking directly at each other. The addition of the frosted window film will let the sunlight in but block the vision of the neighbors of people passing by trying to look in.

We provide a lifetime residential warranty with all of our window films for home applications. Commercial applications get a 15 year warranty, while most other window film warranties are only 5 or 10 years. Our lifetime residential warranty and 15 year commercial window film warranty is backed by both us as well as the window film manufacturer.
privacy window film being applied to the glass on the door

In this picture you can see the frosted window film being applied to the glass door.

We install decorative and solar window film for both commercial and residential applications in and around Los Angeles. We provide completely free estimates, where you come out and measure the windows, provide samples and answering any and all questions you may have regarding you residential or commercial window tinting project.

Frosted Window Film Added to Increase Privacy of this Home in Santa Monica, CA 90402

Frosted window film is a great way to increase privacy of any window in your home or business. Frosted film completely obscures the vision of someone trying to look through it but still lets light come through making it a popular choice in window film.For that reason, frosted window film is commonly used in bedrooms and bathrooms, to keep neighbors and unwanted eyes from peering in.

It is also a great way to increase privacy of french glass doors. Often times home windows or doors and directly face a neighbors windows or doors making for a potentially uncomfortable situation. Frosted window film will allow the light to shine through yet give you the assurance that no one is peering through the window.

Frosted window film is relatively low cost went compared to replacing or etching the current glass. We provide completely free estimates for both homes and businesses. We’ll come out to you, measure the glass areas, show you the sample films, and answer any questions you have. We look forward to speaking with you.

Frosted Privacy Window Film Los Angeles Window Tinting 2

Frosted window film increases privacy by obscuring the vision of those on the outside, which results in comfort for all household members. For those homes in busy Los Angeles traffic areas, others are less likely to see private daily routines.

Frosted Privacy Window Film Los Angeles Window Tinting

Frosted window film is a decorative and functional alternative to expensive frosted and etched glass. There are an unlimited number of film designs to match all styles of home décor. Frosted film is also available in many colors and shades to highlight any window, door, or mirror.

Frosted Window FIlm Commercial Application in Los Angeles

Frosted window film is the perfect solution for adding decorative accents or a little privacy to your home by enhancing the look of residential and commercial window applications at a fraction of the expense of replacing the existing glass with etched or frosted glass.

frosted window film applied to commercial glass

The finished project. The frosted window film adds privacy and protection from the sun, while drastically improving the aesthetics of the room.

commercial window film application in los angeles

Another great picture of the completed window film installation. Frosted window film is an extremely cost effective alternative to having the glass itself etched and provides the convenience of being able to remove the film if you one day choose to.

Most window film applications can be completed in a half or a full day, depending on the size and quantity of the windows. If you’re looking to have your home or business’s window tinted for UV solar protection, privacy, and aesthetics, give us a call to schedule a completely free consultation. We’ll come out to you, answer any questions you have and show you the different film options. You’ll be able to feel the difference in heat rejection and see how they film looks on your windows. We look forward to hearing from you.