Residential Window Tinting – Home in Hollywood Hills, CA

Below are pictures from a recently completed home window film installation in the Hollywood Hills. The homeowner chose Huper Optik’s Ceramic 30 window film. Dye-free and metal-free, the window film will provide the homeowner with a lifetime of privacy and comfort. The patented window film also comes with a lifetime warranty against fading, discoloring or blistering.

residential window tinting hollwood hills

Windows can let in lots of heat during the summer and let out too much heat during winter as well as damage furniture and finishes.

privacy window film for home hollywood ca

Increased privacy and heat rejection are usually the primary reasons homeowners decide to have window film applied to their residence. That was the case with this incredible Hollywood Hills, CA home.

home window tinting hollywood hills california

Huper Optik’s ceramic 30 window film was chosen for this home. The patented nano-ceramic window film is dye-free and metal-free and comes with a lifetime warranty.

huper optik window film installation hollywood

The view out with the Ceramic 30 window film applied. The dye-free and metal-free window film provides for a natural look both from the outside and inside.

hollywood hills home window tinting

The view from the deck looking back at the house’s newly tinted window. The homeowner will benefit from 77% heat rejection and reduce 99% of harmful UV rays.

Residential window tinting will:

  • Decrease your energy costs – by keeping your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Make your house more energy efficient
  • Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Reduce fading of your furniture, floors and curtains
  • Reduce glare by up to 94% to improve television and computer viewing
  • Provide increased privacy and comfort within your home
  • Security and Safety films improve protection against break-ins, accidents and storm damage
  • Enhance the appearance of your home with a stylish and contemporary finish

We install both commercial window tinting and home window tinting in and around Los Angeles. Please call us to schedule a completely free consultation.

Home Window Tint in Los Angeles

residential window tinting in los angeles

The stunning los angeles view from this hollywood hills home we were called out to install Huper Optik window film on.






privacy window tinting los angeles

The view out from this beautiful Los Angeles home.

los angeles home window tinting

Huper Optik Ceramic films are 100% dye-free and 100% metal-free. The super durable ceramic coating is made up of nonreactive stable compounds which means no more fading dies or demetallization woes. Nano-ceramic possesess pectrally selective properties that maximize total heat rejection and are superior even to metalized films, and they maintain a natural view. Huper Optik Ceramic films make windows more energy efficient than ever before.

We are an authorized Huper Optik dealer so call us for your Los Angeles residential or commercial window tinting needs.