Avoid Office Accidents by Adding Distraction Markers to Glass

Have you ever been on your phone while walking and accidentally ran into something? Embarrassing, right? Now imagine this happening in your place of business. Not only will it be a distraction to others, but it could also potentially be dangerous. While glass walls are a great way to give the office an open and airy feeling, they can also be a hazard for those who aren’t careful. You can avoid these incidents by adding distraction markers to your glass. Distraction markers are visible interruptions on glass that make it easy for people to see that the glass is there.

There are multiple benefits to adding markers to your glass panels or doors beyond just safety. They are a great way to give privacy to conference rooms and offices. You can also further market your brand or show your company’s personality by adding personalized graphics by Window Tint LA. We can create any look you are trying to accomplish with our talented graphic designers. Call us today to schedule a completely free consultation and see what magic can be created!

graphics in frosted films

Nice graphics in film to bring safety, privacy and visual interest to the office.


frosted window films

You can add descriptions in the film to help define spaces.distraction markers for officeLike a more simplistic look? We can do that as well!

Privacy in office with frosted window film

Add some much needed privacy with simple, classic designs.

privacy in office with window film

marketing with window film

Make sure people know who you are!

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Beverly Hills Commercial Window Tint for Office

Office Window Tint is a common request because of how hot untreated office windows can get in peak hours. We provide home window tinting and commercial window tinting for Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles.

Office Window Tinting in Beverly Hills

Office Window Tinting in Beverly Hills

Commercial Window Tinting – Beverly Hills

Huper Optik’s commercial window films include a 15 Year Warranty.

Santa Monica Window Tinting for Office – Frost Privacy Film

Frost privacy film is an extremely common window film in homes and businesses. Frost window film provides privacy day and night, yet still allows 73% of light to come through. It looks just like etched glass yet is removal and costs a fraction of what replacing with etched glass would cost.

Below are pictures from a recent frost window film installation in Santa Monica Window Tint LA completed for a business looking to add privacy and good looks to their office windows and doors.

Window Tint Santa Monica Frost Privacy Film

Frost window film on office window and door in Santa Monica

Frosted window film gives these windows and doors a completely new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass.

Window Tint Santa Monica Frost Privacy Door

Frost window film applied to two office doors in Santa Monica business

We can cut custom logos from the frost window film as well as custom reveals, designs etc.

Frost Window Tint in Santa Monica Office

Frost Window Tint in Santa Monica Office – by Window Tint LA

If you’re looking for frost privacy window tint for your home or office, give us a call to schedule a completely free consultation. We also provide solar / heat rejecting films and all the films we carry will block 99.9% harmful UV rays which are the #1 contributor to fading of floors and furniture.

Window Tint LA provides residential and commercial window tint installation in Los Angeles South Bay and surrounding areas such as Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, San Pedro, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Orange County.